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Front of house 4 Editorial 6 News and Comment + Dorset Opera + LK \wards + \Vooelllouse Opcm + \ Finnish Prisoner in Sussc.\ + Opera \ m erica Conference Report

Features TECHNOLOGY & OPERA: + 12 lntroduclion Kennetll Ricllard son discusses til e uses and abuses of technology in til e \1 ori el of opera + 14 lligh Definition Watching opera at home has neyer been as cas:-r or spectacular - Richard Fm1 kes unl ocks the mjsteri es or Blu-ra~ and 111}-DVD and talks to Opus \rte's llans Petr·i about the inclu stry's response to the new t echnologies + 19 Si\ CD Opera \on 's r es ident audiophile Si m on Trezisc find s a r•ec orel inclustl'j llllll illing to mlly round the better format + 23 Internet ~li c hae l Sinclair eli scusses single-handedl:'r assembling one of til e fin estr·esources for the opera lover. + 24 Acouslics KarJ I Charna Lj nn e\ amines the 11 or·k of Kirkegaard

Associates, front-liners in auditorium acoustic clrs ign + 25 Access Olivia Rowland disc01crs the valiant efforts made to open up th e cw erience of opera to blind and partiallj sighted people + 26 Stage effects ,\ndrell Green cl1 ats to til e man behind llummig

Errect s . specialists in opera sta ge 11 izardry

28 In the wings GcraJd Finley talks Opera Von through his stellar ca reer to elat e. and l\lalin Chr·is t ensson ma! sure e1·ef':'r fi rst impression is a gooel one

32 The Performing Voice Sir \Villard White discol'ereel singing as an angrJ teenager as a wa~ of blowing-off steam . li e tell s ~.lark Glanvill e h011 that leelto the intemational opem stage

35 Aria John Stcanc find s too manj Lucias missing the point of 'Rcgmna nel silenzio'

Reviews 39 In recital 46 CD features and reviews 57 Books + Nationa l Theatre in Prague + Nilsson autobiography + \Jpinc 1 i r·gins + Pl'ime elonne

62 Festival previews + Jesi + Erroll:'r n \V alien at the i\lmeiela Festi1·a1 + \ 'adstena Academy + Les ,\ zlrr'iales

68 Live reviews ~ l o r·e thatn 50 nc11 productions in 13 countr·ies r'CI ie11 eel b~ our team of critics

100 Review features Special r· ports on Spain . "'JCII York and Base!

106 World premieres

Backstage 109 A social history of opera: Final part The globali sati on of oper·a

130 Tristan and Matilda- The most intelli gent man in the \\ Ori el

112 Worldwide festival listings 122 Opera Worldwide The guide to internati ona l opem performances Plus. this issue's 'l'rmcl 'fillS

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