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18 | Glenariff waterfall, Antrim Coast and Glens AONB. A walkway that dates back to 1926 allows visitors to venture close to three waterfalls CG

december 2010 Volume 82 No 12 Contents ON THE COVER: Morston Marsh, Norfolk, part of Blakeney National Nature Reserve, is one of the largest areas of undeveloped coastal habitat of its type in Europe

Depar tments N e w s | 14 Worldwatch | 16 Climatewatch | 22 In Society R e g u l a r s | 8 GEOGRAPHICAL ARCHIVE | 18 areas of outstanding natural beauty: Antrim Coast and Glens

| 65 Reviews | 74 Geophoto: River wildlife

| 78Leters and crosword | 82 I’m a geographer: Charles Brewer Carias | C om p e t i t i o n | 10 Where in the world?

Photograph by Adrian Warren and Dae Sasitorn/w.

Features 24 Photostory: Britain from the Air From monolithic power stations to the wildest parts of Wales, a new Societysupported open-air street exhibition celebrates Britain’s diverse geography in a series of more than 100 large-scale aerial photographs. Here are just a few

32 Aerial views Author, geographer and television presenter Nicholas Crane shares his thoughts on the Britain from the Air exhibition, which he believes encapsulates the epic and ongoing story of the British landscape

36 The end of the line Industrial fishing in the Mediterranean is decimating the Atlantic bluefin tuna population but the fish aren’t the only ones suffering. Victor Paul Borg joins a band of small-scale fishermen in Malta to investigate the decline of their trade

42 Dossier: Playing the market For more than a decade, international carbon trading has been seen as a key weapon in the fight against climate change, but critics say the system is a failure, with heavy emitters exploiting loopholes to continue business as usual. Mark Rowe reports

50 Falling rocks, rising waters Earlier this year, a deadly landslide hit the Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan, blocking a river and forming a lake so big it submerged towns and displaced thousands of people. And, as the lake grew, so did fears that its natural dam would break. Humaira Khan and colleagues at the Karakoram Research Institute in Gilgit, Pakistan, report

56 Off the beaten track The Tambopata National Reserve deep in the Peruvian Amazon is incredibly biodiverse and a booming centre for ecotourism. But will the new nearby Interoceanic Highway lead to its ruin? Graeme Gourlay investigates

69 Essential gear: Hard graft with a raft When Alastair Humphreys decided to cross Iceland, he wanted to make the journey as diverse as possible. And that meant packing a new piece of kit: a boat december 2010 5

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