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Editorial Opera Now International Artist of the Year Anne lnglis meets Opera Now's l995-96 laureate: tenor Roberto Alagna


Opera World: Arizona It's a desert climate, but Arizona Opera's thriving. As the company's Ring production moves towards completion in 1996, general director Glynn Ross tells Heidi Waleson how to plant the seeds of success


Opera Guide: Des Ring des Nibelungen Opera companies all over the world are presenting Wagner's monumental Ring cycle this season. Noel Goodwin's definitive guide is complemented with pictures of the Ring's best-remembered interpreters • Simon Trezise discovers the best and worst of the Ring on CD


Talents to amuse Opera Now's panel of experts from journalism and the opera profession responds to the most exciting performances of the past season


Travel Guide Visiting the opera is made simple with Opera Now's directory of tour companies


Globe-trotters' guide to the opera What to expect, what to see and where to go around the world: Australia and New Zealand (40) • United Kingdom and the Irish Republic (44) • Belgium • The Netherlands (52) • Czech Republic • Slovakia (55) • Sri Lanka • Japan • Israel • Lithuania • Estonia • Poland • Hungary (56) • Egypt • Turkey • Bulgaria • Tunisia (57) • Spain and Portugal (59) • Italy (65) • France • Switzerland • Monaco (70) • Germany (73) • Scandinavia (8 1) • South Africa (87) • North and South America (88)


Listeners' choice Opera Now's guide to the top-selling opera CDs of 1995

Plus: See centre pages for the Opera Directory 1995-96

The opera house at Halle - home of the Handel Festival- ius!

one of the fascinating venues you can visit using Opera

Now's globetrotters ' guide to the opera, beginning on p40

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