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26 Mechanisms of Expression The Royal Academy’s winter exhibition surveys the changing role of fashion.

30 Contemporary Greek Sculpture Reclaiming Greek identity and humanist connections through politics & history.

34 Interrogating Location David Campany brings together an international range of artists in This Must Be the Place.

38 Beyond the Definition of Pop Art David Spiller’s latest offering uses colour and form to conjure up memories of the past.

42 Crossing the Great Divide Gilles de Beauchêne creates interplay between fine art photography and advertising.

48 Making Shorts in Today’s Film Culture Announcing the results of the Aesthetica Short Film Competition, watch the winning films.

52 How to Get Your Film Out There Elliot Grove, Founder of Raindance Film Festival, offers top tips to help promote your film.

56 Electronic Memories in Music Imagine if that old games console in the attic could play you a tune. Welcome to chiptune.

58 French Horn Rebellion A chat with David and Robert Perlick-Molinari about their debut abum.

60 Truth & Lies on the Road to Nashville Dinaw Mengestu explores family relationships and one man’s need to re-invent his memories.

68 The People’s Theatre A new theatre company challenges the idea of cultural hierarchy and exclusivity in theatre. Regulars 18 News 24 10 to See 62 Book Extract & Q&A: Miral by Rula Jebreal 71 Live on Stage 75 Artists’ Directory 82 In Conversation With: Alan Haydon Reviews 46 Exhibitions 55 DVDs 59 Music 67 Books


Interrogating Location


Making Shorts in Today’s Film Culture


How to Get Your Film Out There


Electronic Memories in Music


Truth & Lies on the Road to Nashville

68 The People’s Theatre

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