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RETRO-FITTED HOMES COULD HELP FIGHT CLIMATE BREAKDOWN Arboreal Architecture have achieved the UK’s first step-by-step Passivhaus Retrofit project on a mid-terrace townhouse in south-east London. Using our Passivhaus expertise and experience of working on his- toric and modern buildings, Arboreal have realised 53% savings in energy for heating and created an exemplar of deep and sus- tainable retrofit. When the project is com- plete the building will use 90% less energy for heating and create renewable energy from the sun. With triple glazing, air-tight but breathable construction, insulation and a heat recovery ventilation system we have created a sustainable, healthy and comfort- able family home to live in.

As carbon emissions from buildings in the UK account for 37% of total emissions, it is critical that the thermal performance of buildings be radically improved in order to meet reductions targets and mitigate climate breakdown. It is estimated that 80% of buildings today will still exist by 2050 – this means that carrying out deep thermal improvements to existing buildings over the next decade is even more pressing than creating new zero-energy buildings.

Harry Paticas, Director of Arboreal Architecture.

CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS The Findhorn Foundation is hosting a conference, Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth, from 20 to 26 April 2019. This will be a unique event about surviving and thriving in a climate-changing world and a post- carbon economy.

The conference will feature some of the clearest and most passionate voices for the Earth, including Charles Eisenstein, Jonathon Porritt, Polly Higgins, Vandana Shiva, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq and Bill McKibben (via Skype). For information on the programme and to book for live streaming, visit Janet Limb

Photographs courtesy of Dwelling in Symbiosis

CONNECTING WITH NATURE IN COLOMBIA Going beyond the modern-day schism of preserving Nature in isola- tion from people yet destroying wilderness in the name of urban progress, our project Dwelling in Symbiosis in Colombia asks: “How can the act of living be an offering?” We want to understand how dwelling can become a space for inner and outer transformation, where humans thrive as part of Nature, in synergy with her blossoming.

As we transition from a background in the UK, where we practised architecture in both corporate and academic contexts, we are on a journey to embody our passions in alignment with deep purpose. Our investigation is located where the Andean mountain geography dissolves into the ecology of the tropical plains in Colombia. The beautiful land of Soná, which comprises 100 hectares of highly biodiverse rewilding rainforest.

Through connection with an inner morality and embracing the fullness of creative collaboration, we are exploring bamboo architecture and tropical biodynamics. The long-term vision is to create an immersive space for deeply creative insight and investigation. A symbiotic flourishing of the place and the human is ready to be the next chapter for this biome, allowing the wholeness of Nature to reach its full potential. We are guests to Soná; it is our home and our dreamspace.

Eleanor McIntyre de Pineda and Sergio Pineda Vélez, founders of Dwelling in Symbiosis

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