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AND THE LAND How Laurel Foreman’s organic farm creates a sanctuary 32 UNTIL DOOMSDAY IN

THE AFTERNOON Scottish Travellers face exclusion from wider society, writes Davie Donaldson 34 HUMANISING THE

‘MACHINERY’ OF CARE Charlie Jones and Martin Seager suggest how health-care staff can be more open to spontaneity


36 BREATH OF LIFE Kate Blincoe helps a hedgehog in distress 37 THE ROAD IS YOUR

FOOTSTEPS Peter Reason experiences the transience of time on a morning walk 38 RESTING IN PEACE

WITH NATURE Catherine Early digs into the rising trend of natural burials 40 LET’S TALK ABOUT DEATH Naomi Canton reports on pop-up cafés tackling a modern taboo 42 DIARY Leo Johnson contemplates the end of the world 43 QWERTY SOMETHING A football team gives Matt Harvey hope for the future 44 CHOICES Our age of excess is destroying us, but there is a simple solution, writes Satish Kumar



WELLSPRING Photographer Susan Derges talks about our relationship with water

50 AT THE EDGE Peter Abbs considers the warning words of poet Lynne Wycherley 52 FROM LITTLE ACORNS Gary Cook shares his deep admiration for oak trees 56 HOW I FELL INTO THE OCEAN Sonia Faruqi writes about the inspiration behind her debut novel


58 MATERIAL WORLD Natalie Bennett reviews The Golden

Thread: How Fabric Changed History by Kassia St Clair 59 THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE Russell Warfield reviews Climate

Justice: Hope, Resilience and the Fight for a Sustainable Future by Mary Robinson 60 ROOTS OF LOVE Lisa Schneidau reviews Mesquite: An

Arboreal Love Affair by Gary Paul Nabhan 61 FIRING THE IMAGINATION Giles Hutchins reviews The Children’s

Fire: Heart Song of a People by Mac Macartney 62 ANIMALS WHO ACT LIKE GODS J. P. O’Malley reviews The Book of

Humans: The Story of How We Became Us by Adam Rutherford 64 WE ARE ECOSYSTEMS Nat Dyer reviews Symbiotic Earth: How

Lynn Margulis Rocked the Boat and Started a Scientific Revolution 65 CONNECTING WORDS Jini Reddy reviews England: Poems from a School


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Issue 313

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