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SKYLINE WITH FOX She crests the rim— a living flame, her lantern poised in a dream-field smoking with alders. She barks in the night— slips a blade between soil and sky, the drift-nets of my sleep. She’s rust on the run— woodland percussion. She’s in my pulse, the castanets of my blood. —— Today the fields have shrunk through cold glass. I scan for her broach, a copper clasp life’s red ink in the harried grass.

FOOTPRINT Hover-bee in crab-apple painting dust in scented caves, you give more than you take while we burn more than continents can bear: our deficit grows daily. Cell-towers, fracking wells, stripping the sea. Earth’s magic apple grows hollow. Let appetite be local, blithe, field-paths survive, the pressure of my being no more than this— the kiss of a leaf, a solute in light.

WAITING FOR THE STARS I wait for you at the workday’s end, whispers in cerulean. Dusk inks the downs, the valley. Cars swerve home; a chain of rooms log-on. Whispers, vespers, light-on-the-wing— sleet deeper than our data-feeds and drones, their nano-stealth in the needled night where a window-child is restive, peeled from glare; where L.E.D.s dishevel owls, their soft notes hustled from the woods. Star-sleet soothe our fast-lane lives, screen-shot eyes. Speak to our sparks, our red-shift hearts though data runs them through. I wait for ice-points to crisp in the blue— lit words in the rushing darkness.

ELECTRO-FAUST “Man conquered the Black Death but he has created new problems: electromagnetic-field pollution”

– Professor Yuri Grigoriev

Cross-fade, digital noise 0 1, 0 1: needle-eyes. Trace it: a branch in cobalt where metal spores nudge stars: strange crustaceans, drones. No ‘white zone’ in future-sleet, subtle, the lace of life left bare. Yukiko, ‘snowdrop-child’, where are you? Eden-dot, light’s dew. Lending your wick, your dazzle. No ‘white zone’. Electro-Faust in space, on land, micro-wands: antennas. No ‘white zone’: will a genome furl its ladder leave love midair Dante’s light receding in pale rungs?

The Testimony of the Trees is published by Shoestring Press, 2018. Peter Abbs is Poetry Editor for Resurgence & Ecologist.

Issue 313

Resurgence & Ecologist


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