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March 2019 Issue 109

Manchester Square The importance of ideas 3 Counterpoints Foie Gove; Jam tomorrow; The new normal; Closed minds; Mañana, mañana 6 Letters Gordon Brown’s great achievement; Seventy shades of Islam; Tory priorities; Lawrence of nowhere 11 Columns Marketplace Tim Congdon says the risks of post-EU “isolation” are overstated 12 Westminster Michael Mosbacher assesses the chances of Labour’s breakaway MPs 13 Open Season Edward Lucas warns that the US has lost its ability for statecraft in Korea 14 Memoir Miriam Gross felt liberated by a German-speaking lunch club 15 Dispatches The naked and the dead, Nevada style Louis Amis in Las Vegas finds a bizarre school for Republican candidates 17 Mapuche fan the flames of revenge Ian Thomas Neubauer in Araucania, Chile, reports on an indigenous movement hijacked by thugs 20 Features Holier than thou: the hypocrisy of the zealot Nick Cohen argues that the modern Left and the evangelical Right have a lot in common 30

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#MeToo includes you The woke gentleman’s guide to blurred lines Lisa Hilton explains how not to be a sex pest in the Me Too era 22 The way forward for Europe’s great outsider R.W. Johnson examines Britain’s troubled relationship with its continental neighbours 24 Cull the thinkers whose ideas have tanked Richard Cockett believes today’s think-tanks have failed to grapple with society’s biggest issues 34 A beginner’s manual for grievance gibberish Helen Pluckrose and James A. Lindsay explains how to get published in the world of dubious social justice scholarship 36 Life after the final whistle Robert Low remembers the late Hugh McIlvanney and wonders if sports journalism has a future 38 When the call of the wild can go too far Patrick Galbraith is sceptical about the benefits of rewilding 40

Civilisation Critique The art of survival in Nazi Germany Giles MacDonogh reflects on how German artists had to adapt to Hitler 44 Books Daniel Johnson on Time and Power by Christopher Clark; Brendan Simms on The Fourth Reich by Gavriel D. Rosenfeld; Ruth Deech on Antisemitism Here and Now by Deborah Lipstadt; Robert Low on Ben Hecht: Fighting Words, Moving Pictures by Adina Hoffman; Alec Ash on Chinese Thought: From Confucius to Cook Ding by Roel Sterckx; Jamie Whyte on Engines of Privilege by Francis Green and David Kynaston; Blanche Girouard on Angels: A Visible and Invisible History by Peter Stanford Fiction: Hannah Niemeier on Unquiet: A Novel by Linn Ullmann 48 Theatre Anne McElvoy recommends a pacey Tartuffe set in trendy North London 56 Art Michael Prodger examines the highly profitable cult of Picasso Inc 57 Drawing Board Roger Wagner by Patrick Heren 58 Tex t Arthur Koestler by David Pryce-Jones 62 Music Dominic Green unpicks the fake folk of olde England 65 Food Boadicea Meath Baker gets her teeth into meat substitutes 66 Restaurants Lisa Hilton enjoys a steak and seafood restaurant in Edinburgh 67 Overrated / Underrated Hunter S. Thompson by Oliver Wiseman Shiva Naipaul by Andrew Gimson 68 Library Douglas Murray begins a new column on the books that have influenced him 70

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