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When Saturday Comes No 385 April 2019

Fans at Blackwell Meadows shield their eyes from the sun

REGULARS 5 Editorial Agents are poorly regulated, allowing them to set up transfers for their own profit rather t h a n t he bene f i t of t he i r pl aye r s a nd c lub s 6 Sidelines Gordon Banks’s effortless grace; Ireland boil over at Rice snub; becoming part of The Club; Newport County on the run; Irn-Bru’s crossborder cup loses its fizz 12 Shot! Cambr i a n & C l yd ac h Va l e hos t Cwmbran

Celtic at King George’s New Field, with the home side aiming for promotion 24 Focus on Kasey Keller, the US international goalkeeper who made his name at Millwall before becoming a fans’ favourite at Leicester, TottenhamandFulham

“I didn’t used to think about it. But there aren’t many Asian players and I feel like I have a responsibility” Refugee footballers p16

37 World view Controversial switch from Ukraine to Russia;

Qat a r upse t e s t abl i she d power s i n A s i a n Cup; star names bring home Hakeem al-Araibi 40 Books Ben Thornley’s unfulfilled promise; Mark

Walters tackles tough topics; inside transfer deals; John Toshack’s international lifestyle 42 Letters I’m on a mission to discover when footballers switched Bobs and Bobbys for Roberts…

46 Season in brief The Football League is awash with cash from

I T V D i g i t a l a s Manchester C i t y r un away w i t h Division One and West Brom pip Wolves FEATURES 15 Rules of attraction Forming attachments towards certain players can often be inexplicable in your youth 16 Origin stories Walsall’s Maz Kouhyar feels the pressure of being the first Afghan professional player in Britain; how Rebels FC are helping refugees on Merseyside off the pitch as well as on it 20 Match of the month Fan-run Darlington have been on a long journey to re-establish themselves but now face a huge choice about the direction of their club, while Southport continue to drift


While it doesn’t have the cattle mart charm of Feethams, there’s a similar bucolic air about Blackwell Meadows Darlington v Southport p20

26 Laws of nature A Dutch e x pe r iment w i t h a l t e r n at i ve r u l e s could mean time penalties and self-pass freekicks; spot kicks make very little sense 28 Coastal erosion Gosport try to silence Pompey’s chimes;

Havant & Waterlooville on the up 30 Bossing it Fema l e coac he s mak i ng a ma rk i n t he men’s game; Norway’s hit drama on life as a woman in charge; Corinne Diacre – French pioneer 33 Object lessons The commemorative George Best £5 note that coole d a f am i l y r i f t 36 Pitch doctor How tampering with the grass – or f looding it entirely – has become a managerial pastime

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