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The Wire Tapper 49 Your track by track guide to this month’s free CD

1 Efdemin “Temple” From New Atlantis (Ostgut Ton) Born in 1974 in Kassel, Berlin based German DJ/producer Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann recently turned toward microtonal composition. His Harry Partch-inspired Monophonie (2017) was performed at the Ruhrtriennale and Berlin Volksbühne. His 2019 album New Atlantis was inspired by Francis Bacon’s unfinished 17th century novel about a fictional island devoted to social progress.,

2 Good Moon Deer “Aloner” Forthcoming release (Unfiled) Icelander Guðmundur Úlfarsson aka Good Moon Deer first tried his hand at DJing while studying graphic design in Amsterdam. His his early releases were inspired by his night-long digital four-deck looping experiments. Underscored by a sinister mood and barely-there negative space grooves, his music is shot through with the possibility of everything falling apart.,

3 Paper Dollhouse “Glass Tower” From Empty Rave (MoonDome) Paper Dollhouse is the project alias of musician and artist Astrud Steehouder. It’s both a solo and group project, frequently collaborating with artist and photographer Nina Bosnic and Asher Levitas (Planet Mu/Old Apparatus), who produced the album The Sky Looks Different Here (2018). “Glass Tower” is lifted from Empty Rave on Astrud’s MoonDome label. Stripping back early 1990s rave to its core ambience, “Glass Tower” is “the echo of jungle tekno as heard resonating across a cold North London night”. paperdollhouses, moondomerecords.

4 Qasim Naqvi “No Tongue” From Teenages (Erased Tapes) On his first Erased Tapes album Teenages, released in May, Pakistani-American composer Qasim Naqvi summons all his sounds on an analogue modular synthesizer. Variously tonal, textural and rhythmic, the music evolves and grows over the album’s six pieces, shifting from micro-sonics into something bigger, brighter and anthemic. Naqvi previously established himself as a composer for dance, theatre, film and installation based art. He also drums in the trio Dawn Of Midi.,

5 Ricardo Donoso “Disconnected Visions” From Calibrate (Denovali) Composer, percussionist and electronic musician Ricardo Donoso is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He studied composition in the US at Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory, and he now lives in Boston. His activities range from drumming in avant metal group Ehnahre to soundtracking films like Homegrown: The Counter Terror Dilemma (2016) and Casimiro Effect. His music “is most concerned with building and manipulating an immersive sound world that blurs the line between light and dark, hope and despair, past and future”., since 2010. In 2011 he formed the trio One Circle with Lorenzo Senni and A:RA. In 2017 he dropped his Vaghe Stelle moniker to release an EP called Creature under his own surname. This track is taken from Mana’s Hyperdub debut album Seven Steps Behind, out this month.,

6 LI YILEI “0:00” From 0:00 (Ferric:Flux) Described as “the manifestation of an inquiry into tropes of phenomena, existence, power dynamics, and the politics of sound and listening”, London based artist LI YILEI’s works span sound, performance, multimedia installations and moving image. On 0:00, LI YILEI deploys radio signals from Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Mars and Saturn as accompaniment to synthesizers, guitars and a backdrop of terrestrial field recordings.,

7 IQ+1 “House” From Conversaphone Plus (Mappa Editions) The current line-up of all star Czech improv band IQ+1 – George Bagdasarov, Veronika Hladká, Jaroslav Tarnovski, Petr Vrba and Michal Zbořil – adheres to the philosophy of total improvisation, mixing acoustic violin, trumpet, Indian harmonium with analogue synths, bubbling electronics and field recordings “from the far edge of the galaxy”.,

8 Mana “Symphony Of Regulation” From Seven Steps Behind (Hyperdub) Mana is composer and producer Daniele Mana from Turin, Italy, who previously worked under the alias Vaghe Stelle, releasing numerous EPs and two albums

9 Anthony Laguerre “V” From Myotis (Vand’Oeuvre) France based musician, composer and sound engineer Anthony Laguerre is schooled in improvisation, drumming and sound recording. His various projects include the psychedelic noise band FiliaMotSa and the free rock group Praag. Founded in 2007, FiliaMotSa (also Filiamotsa Soufflant Rhodes) featured himself on drums and Emilie Weber on amplified violin, among others, and ex-The Ex vocalist GW Sok guested on their 2015 album Like It Is. Laguerre produced Chair’s 2016 album Carnation, on which he also contributed drums and synthesizer., soundtracks


ling la Eh

(9); Thek


(8); Arnaud

10 Achim Zepezauer & Slotmachine Guests “Kuhzunft (Special Wire Tapper Mix)” Unreleased (gruenrekorder) Dortmund based electronic musician and drummer Zepezauer’s URL lists a wide range of his activities, from dadaist improvising trio Hampelstern-Terzett and the more groove based Das Behälter to performing solo concerts with prepared cassettes, films, broadcasts, and more – not forgetting his website Slotmachine project – all gathered under the loose umbrella of Kuhzunft, his tongue in cheek neologism based on the German word for future (Zukunft) that he coined as an art school student. slotmachine.kuhzunft. com, Christian

Werner (1); Smriti Keshari (4); Anna Baštýřová (7); Andrea C ossu

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