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George Bellamy’s home is full of his Wemyss collection

Fife and TIMES

With its myriad range of hand-painted patterns and shapes, Scottish Wemyss ware is ideal for collectors. One of the most legendary – George Bellamy – reveals his lifelong obsession

My interest in Wemyss ware started in 1976, with a remarkable coincidence. Coming home from work, I stopped at the local newsagent and bought a copy of the November issue of Antiques & Art magazine. It had a picture of a large Wemyss ware pig decorated with clover on the front cover. I had always liked antiques, having furnished my house with them. I also wanted

Right Wemyss Ware, the first book published about the pottery

Far right Marmalade cat, maker’s mark WEMYSS WARE/ R.H.&S., printed Thomas Goode & Co. retailer’s mark. Height 34cm to find something to collect but had never found anything to inspire me. I started to read the magazine, and in the middle was a four-page illustrated article on Wemyss ware pottery.

It was written by Victoria de Rin of Chelsea, who, in conjunction with Sotheby’s, was staging the first exhibition of Wemyss ware to be seen in London since its heyday in the early 20th century. More than 500 exhibits were to be on view at


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