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The old newsroom approach of ‘if it bleeds it leads’ does not accurately reflect our world. Good things are happening and deserve to be reported as rigorously as problems. We call this ‘constructive journalism’.

Norway leads rainforest conservation efforts with supply chain pledge

The Nordic country is the first in the world to commit to cutting ties with deforestation

Norway has become the first country in the world to commit to deforestation-free supply chains. The country’s parliament has pledged to stamp out government use of any product or service that contributes to deforestation – a known contributor to climate change.

While an increasing number of international companies are working to cut links to deforestation, Norway is so far the only country to take this step. Campaigners are hopeful it will positively influence trade throughout the country and beyond.

The move is “very important and encouraginging”, according to Nils Hermann Ranum, head of policy and campaigns at the Rainforest Foundation Norway. “Germany and the UK made

Norway has reversed the trend of forest loss in its own country and is now focused on saving the world's rainforests a joint statement in 2014 saying they would promote deforestation-free supply chains . These countries should be next in line to implement such policies.”

While Norway has reversed the trend of forest loss within its own country, the majority of deforestation occurs in rainforests, with around

7.3m hectares lost each year to make way for homes, agriculture and plantations, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Rainforests are home to around half of all plant and animal species, and some 260 million people. Lauren Razavi


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