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Don’tlet this year ’s ISA allowance get away.

Secure it now. Invest later.

Want to make themostofyour£20,000 ISAallowance before the 5April deadline,but don’t have time to choosewhattoinvestin?

Thegood newsiswithour Stocks andSharesISA,you have the optionofputtingyourmoney in cash now. Then when you’re ready, youcan choose theinvestments youwant, with helpfromour free onlineguidancewhich includesarange of investment selectiontools, as well as ourexperts’recommendations andusefulmarketinsights.

What’s more,you have thechancetowin back in cash theamount youinitiallyinvested,straightintoyourbank account.All youhave to do is opena2018/19 ISAwithusonlineby31March 2019. T&Cs apply.

Thevalue of investmentscan go down as well as up,soyou maynot getbackthe amount youinvest. Taxtreatment depends on individual circumstancesand alltax rulesmay change in thefuture. Fidelity’s guidanceservice is notapersonalrecommendation. If youare unsure aboutthe suitabilityofaninvestment, youshouldspeaktoan authorised financial adviser.

Forinvestmentideas to make themostofyourISA, visit or call 0800 3681721 today.

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