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contents i Happy Marina Abramovic Day Parade Rebecca Wolff & Rebecca Borrer

1 from Skins of Columbus Edgar Garcia 5 A Desert Island Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore 12 Three poems Tess Brown-Lavoie 19 Walking Dead Love Poem 39 Laura Sims 20 from What I Knew Eleni Sikelianos 25 The Usuals Leah Dworkin 36 from Against Travel Rachel Levitsky 40 2 poems Suzi Garcia 42 4 poems Ariana Reines 48 3 poems Christopher Patrick Miller 55 The Approaching Planet Blake Butler 67 The Loves of the Plants Tamara Barnett-Herrin 72 2 poems Nora Toomey 76 Nightclubbing TS Hidalgo 77 4 Acrostic Poems Clinton Siegle 81 Separation Anxiety Poem Ji yoon Lee 82 Thinking About the Bronx David Blair 85 Emperor David Alejandro Hernandez 87 In Proximity Nawal Nader French 88 The mother Jenessa VanZutphen 89 A poem Robin Clarke 90 3 poems Brian Kim Stefans 93 Projections Wendy C. Ortiz 98 2 poems BC Griffith 104 4 poems Jesse Nathan 108 Innovation Nation Abby Minor 112 2 poems Claire Meuschke 114 a constant sense of departures. Gary Lundy 115 All the Others are Saved Margaret Johnson 116 Being All Kubler-Ross at Your Wake Jason Hanchong Wee

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