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Fence Volume 20, No. 1 Winterspring 2019 © 2019 Fence Magazine, Incorporated

Front Cover: © Christopher Wool Untitled, 1989  Enamel and acrylic on aluminum 72 x 48 inches (182.88 x 121.92 cm)

Back Cover: © Christopher Wool Untitled, 1989-90  Enamel on aluminum 96 x 60 inches (243.8 x 152.4 cm)

Fence is published 2x/yr. Fence receives submissions electronically at Response time is between three and nine months. Repeat publications take place after at least four issues or two years have elapsed. Find us at or Or, at (518) 567-7006.

This issue of Fence was printed in the United States by Versa Press. Fence is distributed in North America by: Small Press Distribution, Berkeley, CA (510) 524-1668; and whatever giant conglomerate has most recently swallowed TNG.

ISBN: 978-1-944380-15-1 ISSN: 1097-9980

Fence is published by Fence Magazine, Incorporated, a not-for-profit corporation. Donations and gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Fence is made possible by the agency of the Fence Trust and all Friends of Fence. This project is supported by awards from the Whiting Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

A one-year subscription is $22; two-year subscription is $32. Membership is available at and offers a host of promises, if not privileges, including subscription and books and entry and access.

If you’d like to support Fence, you can donate on our website, or contact Rebecca Wolff at

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