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BLUES MATTERS! PO Box 18, Bridgend, CF33 6YW, UK Tel: 00-44-(0)1656-745628 Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 11am–4pm. FOUNDER/PUBLISHER/EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Alan Pearce: EDITOR: INTERVIEWS/FEATURES/CD/DVD/ BOOKS/GIGS/FESTIVALS/BLUE BLOOD Iain Patience: CD REVIEWS (COLLECTION AND EDIT) Stephen Harrison: DESIGN Chris Pettican:

ADVERTISING Alan: PROOF READERS Benjamin McNair, Steve Banks, Jack Goodall WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA/PR/MARKETING Mairi Maclennan: WEBSITE DESIGN Ian Potter: SUBSCRIPTIONS Warner Subscription Management: Tel: (00-44-0)1778 392082 ORDERS (OTHER)

Website – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Printed by Warner Print Group Distributed by Warner Distribution Group COVER PHOTOS: Billy Gibbons & Ron Sturm by Arnie Goodman. George Benson by Austin Hargrave. Carolyn Wonderland by Arnie Goodman.

Contributing Writers: Liz Aiken, Tim Arnold (USA), Roy Bainton, Eric Baker (USA), Steve Banks, Adrian Blacklee, Eddy Bonte (Bel), Colin Campbell, Iain Cameron, Laura Carbone (USA), Martin Cook, Norman Darwen, Dave Drury, Ben Elliott (USA), Barry Fisch (USA), Sybil Gage (USA), Jack Goodall, Stuart A. Hamilton, Trevor Hodgett, Rowland Jones, Brian Kramer (Sw), Frank Leigh, John Lindley, Boris Litvintsev (RU), Gian Luca (USA), Mairi Maclennan, Ben McNair, John Mitchell, Glenn Noble, Toby Ornott, Merv Osborne, David Osler, Iain Patience (Fr), Alan Pearce, Dom Pipkin, Simon Ridley, Darrell Sage (USA), Paromita Saha-Killelea (USA), Pete Sargeant, Graeme Scott, Andy Snipper, Dave Stone, Tom Walker, Matty T. Wall (Aust), Don Wilcock (USA), Dani Wilde, Steve Yourglivch. Contributing Photographers: Arnie Goodman, Laura Carbone, Jennifer Noble others credited on page.

© 2019 Blues Matters! Original material in this magazine is © the authors. Reproduction may only be made with prior Editor consent and provided that acknowledgement is given of source and copy sent to the editorial address. Care is taken to ensure contents of this magazine are accurate but the publishers do not accept any responsibility for errors that may occur or views expressed editorially. All rights reserved. No parts of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying recording or otherwise without prior permission of the editor. Submissions: Readers are invited to submit articles, letters and photographs for publication. The publishers reserve the right to amend any submissions and cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Please note: Once submitted material becomes the intellectual property of Blues Matters and can only later be withdrawn from publication at the expediency of Blues Matters. Advertisements: Whilst responsible care is taken in accepting advertisements if in doubt readers should make their own enquiries. The publisher cannot accept any responsibility for any resulting unsatisfactory transactions, nor shall they be liable for any loss or damage to any person acting on information contained in this publication. We will however investigate complaints.




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