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From New York to Alaska, Tibet to the Faroe Islands, people have used our guides to fix their stuff p24

Africa’s comics ‘geeks’ 58

The anthology in which African comics writers and artists tell African stories


COVER STORY The joy of fix The EU is introducing legislation that obliges manufacturers to make their products longerlasting and easier to repair. It’s a welcome step towards a more circular economy, say campaigners. But these fearless fixers and tenacious tinkerers have long been going further, from running thriving community repair groups, to spreading tips via social media and YouTube. They fix up, and spread their smarts: meet the repairers

The UK’s indie booksellers bounce back 60

After a long decline, the fortunes of British independent booksellers may have turned a corner

34 Ageing joyfully Laughter lines and life advice: portraits of people aged 100 and older

Celebrating black men

44 Move over negative stereotypes: projects that champion black men

Renaming public landmarks

56 Streets and buildings are being given names to reflect modern values


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