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• CONTENTS • MAY 2019 •

COVER story


ultimate chord workout 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th and more 16 Discover fantastic new ‘extended’chord shapes and learn how to put them to use either solo or accompanying others. Three superb workouts! cover story


MARTIN SIMPSON VIDEO Acoustic blues masterclass 32 The amazing folk and blues picker shows exactly how he does it, with some stunning ideas to learn and a seriously cool ragtime blues to play.

Christopher Gluck Dance Of The Blessed Spirits 48 Bridget arranges this dramatic work from Gluck’s masterpiece Orpheus And Eurydice, which influenced Mozart, Berlioz and Wagner! clasical tab

Thanks to Jamie Dickson for the loan of his luscious Gibson ’61 ES-330




Nev recalls his first brush with ‘jazz’ chords. Intro 6 Justin,InstrumentalInquisition,Mitch,Jam Tracks, Phil’s One-Minute Lick and more. fretboard map 13 Learn where all the notes are on the neck. Take some time out to learn them all! USER GUIDE 14 Our easy-to-follow tab and notation guide. SUBSCRIPTIONS 30 Save money and hassle; get your mag delivered. Great offers on print and digital! back isues 94 If you missed a copy, grab one sharpish. albums 95 Latest guitar CDs reviewed and rated. SIXTY seconds with... 96 Bluesandrockguitarwizard,JoeBonamassa! Next Month 98 Paul Gilbert guest edits GT plus stunning video lesson. Chris Corcoran jump blues, Stuart Ryan celtic and Bridget Mermikides classical videos.






Lesons Introduction 53 Jason discusses the ‘four cornered diamond’ approach to practising. Check it out! 30-minute lickbag 54 Pat Heath has six new licks, from easy to advanced. Go on, we dare you to try the lot! blues 56 Phil Short (welcome, Phil!) examines the super styleofbluesfusiongiantScottHenderson. Rock 60 Martin Cooper looks at the catchy rock style of those Nashville hit-makers, Kings Of Leon. jazz 64 John Wheatcroft continues his jazz series with a lesson on playing over minor II-V-I changes. Acoustic 72 StuartRyandovetailsintoMartinSimpson’s acoustic blues lesson, as he treats us to a RobertJohnsonstyleDeltaworkout. PSYCHEDELIC 76 Simon Barnard turns a whiter shade as he meets the kings of baroque and roll, Procol Harum. creative rock 82 Shaun Baxter with another Mixolydian solo. These are brilliant and accessible. Try it today! fretboard fluency 88 Martin Goulding looks further into developing solos using the the Melodic Minor scale. IN THE WOODSHED 92 Charlie Griffiths on the 7#9 so-called ‘Hendrix’ chord. There’s way more to it than Purple Haze!

exclusive VIDEO!

ALLEN HINDS solos over... Soul Magic 40 Again Allen amazes and inspires in equal measure with another stunning solo; this time a fabulous pop-rock wig-out on Soul Magic!

Allen Hinds plays some magical soul!

May 2019


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