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Suicidal walruses, p44

No kissing allowed, p14

ARTS 40 Ismene Brown The magic of Merce Cunningham 42 Exhibitions Edvard Munch

Martin Gayford 43 Oratorio Judith

Richard Bratby Theatre Top Girls; Intra Muros

Lloyd Evans 44 Television Our Planet; Fleabag James Delingpole 45 Dance ENB’s She Persisted

Laura Freeman 46 Cinema Wild Rose

Deborah Ross 47 Radio Archive on 4; In Business

Kate Chisholm The listener

Billie Eilish Rod Liddle

Munch’s love and angst, p42


LIFE 53 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 54 Real life Melissa Kite 56 The turf Robin Oakley Bridge Janet de Botton 57 Wine club Jonathan Ray AND FINALLY . . . 48 Notes on… The Connaught

Mark Mason 58 Chess Raymond Keene

Competition Lucy Vickery 59 Crossword Pabulum 60 No sacred cows Toby Young Battle for Britain Michael Heath 61 The Wiki Man

Rory Sutherland Your problems solved Mary Killen 62 Drink Bruce Anderson

Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

If your 12-year-old daughter’s a bit thick, she probably likes Ariana Grande. Rod Liddle, p47

If scientists are so innumerate, what hope is there for everyone else? Stuart Ritchie, p34

These days men wipe their sweaty faces and damp bristly stubble on you as if you are a small towel. Rachel Johnson, p14


Roger Stone is a political adviser who has worked for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. He was the subject of the Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone. His diary is on p9.

Lara Feigel is a writer and critic. Her latest book — a memoir inspired by Doris Lessing — was published by Bloomsbury last year. She reviews Ian McEwan’s Machines Like Me on p32.

the spectator | 13 april 2019 |

Stuart Ritchie is a science writer and academic psychologist based at King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. He writes about statistics on p34.

Simon Garfield has written books about stamp collecting, British wrestling and fonts. He reviews an early history of typography on p38.

Ismene Brown trained as a pianist, singer and violist at the Royal College of Music before becoming the dance critic for the Daily Telegraph and The Spectator. She appraises Merce Cunningham on p40.


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