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THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE Writers: Robin Bell Edward Boff Paul Childs Becky Clough Sarah Cook Dan Cooper Larise Cummings Cat Davies Hope Dickson Leach Matt Edwards Elliot Grove Charlotte Harrison Mark Harrison Travis Hartman Kirsten Howard Francesca Hughes Natasha Jagger Diane Knight Debbie Moon Duncan Paveling Ivan Radford Romesh Ranganathan Darren Scott Mark Searby Anna Smith Georgina Smith Jenny Tolep Chris Walsh Anna Wilczek & Anonymous movie PR rep (f) Art: Kyle Harvey Jo Perks John Cooney Production Editor: Rachel Storry Production Manager: John Moore Associate Publisher: Susan Hewitt Cover image: Paramount Pictures Images: BigStock LESS IMPORTANT PEOPLE Advertising Manager: Mike Byrne ( Video Editor: Dan Cooper Clever Web Things: Seb Patrick Editor: Simon Brew FILM STORIES LTD Publishing Powerhouse: Hedda Archbold Waaay Too Much Coffee: Simon Brew Commercial Director: Clare Bateman-King Number of writers this issue who have never been paid for writing before: 4 Will you tell me who they are? Nah.

4 May 2019


20In our news features this month, the brilliant Ingrid Oliver heads to the movies!


Sue Kroll’s influence on movie marketing remains strong. But who is she, and what’s her story? Glad you asked.


There were plans for various Rocky Horror Picture Show sequels. Richard O’Brien has been telling more.


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