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p a p e r h o r s e s k i r t

’ d r e s s a n d e a r t C o c k w e a r s ‘ I H

a r r y l e f t : H

F r o m

, k i l t David


t o p z i p u p i c h a e l w e a r s j a c k e t a n d

. M

Harry Freegard

, e y e w e a r C u t l e r a n d i y a k e

, t r o u s e r s I s s e y M

F r o c k u f o r f o r d

M u m at Dover ive p e a r l c u f f s WORLDarch a n d a s s a s h ross, s c a r f w o r n


, shoes Christopher

Harry Freegard bag arket, toaster cl utch arket at Dover Street M

Street M


Michael Costiff & Harry Freegard

To say Michael Costiff is unimpressed by fashion right now would be an understatement. “I thought we’d be in space-age, spray-on jumpsuits by now, bouncing around in shoes we don’t have to walk in and whatnot,” he groans. “Instead it’s a sea of black, grey and navy wherever you go. You’d think things would be a bit more interesting than fucking navy in 2019!” GiventhatCostiffandhislatewife,Gerlinde,weresurrounded by the likes of Leigh Bowery and Vivienne Westwood as foundersandhostsoftheraucousKinkyGerlinkyclubnight in the early 90s, his disappointment is no surprise.

Offering salvation in a sea of basic neutrals is It girl and horrible boy Harry Freegard – the wildly imaginative,

DIY designer and image-maker with a penchant for pink lipstick, slinkysilkslipsandtheabsurd.“Idesignasareaction to the dull landscape that is fashion at the moment,” Freegard explains. “It’s completely selfish, really. I just want to make lovely things so that they exist, and to bring back some gorgeousness!” Naturally, he and Costiff have bumped into each other at many a soirée over the course of the last year. “I would see him all the time, bopping and boogying away, white locks flowing,” says Freegard. “Michael is a pioneer of all this – (his) parties birthed the looks we all reference to this day. British culture would have a great gaping hole were it not for Michael.”

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