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Gise c o r s e t Lou p a n e l l e d w e a r s s p r a y e d l e f t : Yu h a n

F r o m

, t i g h t s N a t i o n a l T h e a t r e a n g

Ws h o e s Yu h a n p r i n t d r e s s , h a t a n d p u f f s k i r t ,

, v h e m a s t o p w e a r s r a r a s k i r t w o r n

. J u n d a n ire

HCostume h a t a n d u n d e r n e a t h d r e s s w o r n i t t e d

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Gise s h o e s Lou s h o r t s a n d


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, s o c k s National Theatre ang


, s t o c k i n g s National Theatre ray

Gise a l l c l o t h e s Lou iela arg

Maison i b o o t s M

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Louise Gray &YuhanWang

“I’m interested in what lies beneath the surface,” explains Yuhan Wang of her delicate, sweetly subversive explorations of contemporary womanhood. “Those soft, delicate women with underlying strength and power are the women I’m thinking of when I’m designing.”

Wangisseeminglyoneofthesewomenherself,having shownhersteelyresolvethroughouthertimeatSaintMartins. “I question my students to find out what they want and how they’re going to do it,” says Wang’s tutor, designer Louise Gray,whoseowneponymouslabeldisruptedLondonfashion in the mid-00s (and now continues to do so following a brief hiatus). Though their aesthetics differ wildly, Gray was impressed by Wang’s work from the moment she saw it. “It’s quiet and pretty in a way that I sometimes find backwards – that need to look pretty as a woman – butthrough her eyes it becomes layered and soft, and makes you think about its context. She’s always stayed strong in her own intent and purpose.”

Similarly, Gray opened her student up to new ways ofthinkingasshebegantoemergeontothefashionlandscape. Says Wang: “I love the way Louise thinks and questions the world around us, and reminds us to engage with it. It’smuchmoreaboutconnectingandinteractingwithpeople, instead of just creating your own private echoes.”

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