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From the Editor Editorial comment from Peter Phillips.




Egyptological News Summarised by Sarah Griffiths with additional reports by Campbell Price and Hilary Forrest.

Dating Late Middle Kingdom Scarabs In the second part of his series, Fred Vink shows how study of private scarabs can lead to a methodology for dating their owners.


The Musée Royale de Mariemont: 1 The first half of Hilary Wilson’s description of this important Egyptian collection and its history.

2626 The Mastaba of Mehu at Saqqara A newly-opened tomb is described and photographed by Geoffrey Lenox-Smith.


Gebel el-Silsila Through The Ages In the first part of a new series, John Ward and Maria Nilsson introduce us to this important site in Upper Egypt and explore the rock art found there.


Were There Child Soldiers in Ancient Egypt? Amandine Marshall looks for the evidence of recruitment of young children into military roles.


Highlights of Manchester Museum: 16 Campbell Price finds some interesting new information among the inscriptions on the inner coffin of Asru, one of the most familiar artefacts in the Manchester collection.


Per Mesut: for Younger Readers Hilary Wilson looks at the “Belts and Braces” used by the ancient Egyptians to hold up their kilts.

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April/May 2019 VOLUME 19, NO. 5: ISSUE NO. 113

EDITOR: J. Peter Phillips Email:

DEPUTY EDITOR: Sarah Griffiths

CONSULTANT EDITORS: Professor Emerita Rosalie David, OBE,

Dr Raymond Betz STAFF CONTRIBUTORS: Peter Robinson, Hilary Wilson

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ANCIENT EGYPT April/May 2019


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