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S p e n c e r i e

R o b b

S o r r e n t i S t y l i n g a r i o

MP h o t o g r a p h y

O w e n s B a b e l S S 1 9

i c k

H u n t e r w e a r s a l l c l o t h e s R

S p e n c e r i e

R o b b

S o r r e n t i S t y l i n g a r i o

MP h o t o g r a p h y

O w e n s B a b e l S S 1 9

i c k

A r i e l w e a r s a l l c l o t h e s R

a n y m a W

E m m

S t y l i n g

P e c k m e z i a n a r k

MP h o t o g r a p h y

C h e l s e a w e a r s a l l c l o t h e s G u c c i

S p e n c e r i e

R o b b

S t y l i n g

S e n g


S e a n

P h o t o g r a p h y j u m p e r,

, v n e c k w e a r s t r e n c h c o a t B u r b e r r y r o w


L a c o s t e l l n e c k r o l l e n s a l e y Wo

HS t y l i n g s b o r n e

S h a r n a O

P h o t o g r a p h y

19 4 1

w e a r s a l l c l o t h e s C o a c h i n n



THE NAKED CITY Photography Michael Bailey-Gates Styling Clare Byrne

Activist Adam Eli brings New York’s queer creative underground together

NEW PANDEMICS Photography Benedict Brink Styling Thistle Brown

Lighting the way for NYC’s LGBTQ+ community, meet the faces of casting agency New Pandemics


Photography Grace Ahlbom Hair Holli Smith


Photography Marc Asekhame Styling Charlotte Roberts

MARIA PASENAU Photography Maria Pasenau

The Oslo-based photographer reveals the story behind her intimately unflinching first book

CAMERON BOYCE Photography Fumi Nagasaka Styling Marcus Cuffie

How the fast-rising actor is tapping into his social conscience for his biggest role yet


Photography Zora Sicher Styling Emma Wyman


In this issue’s creative non-fiction, Juliet Jacques discovers a new artist to take into her queer canon

WHIPPET GOOD! Photography Coco Capitán Styling Elizabeth Fraser-Bell

Meet Whippets FC, the all-female football side bringing team spirit to a pitch near you

BIG YOUTH Photography Sarah Piantadosi Styling Ellie Grace Cumming

Essential new UK performers come together in Hedi Slimane’s debut collection for Celine

KELSEY LU Photography Joshua Woods Styling Nell Kalonji

The singer on journeying through mind and body to arrive at her breathtaking debut LP

NOW APOCALYPSE Photography Torbjørn Rødland

Gregg Araki and the stars of his pop-noir TV series on mining the queer millennial heart of Hollyweird

RAFFEY CASSIDY Photography Laura Jane Coulson Styling Elizabeth Fraser-Bell

The star of Vox Lux on how she accidentally achieved arthouse transcendence on the big screen

IAN ISIAH Photography Charlie Engman Styling Matt Holmes

Meet the angelic crooner whose divine sex jams pine for a love with no limits

CHELSEA MANNING Photography Mark Peckmezian Styling Emma Wyman

The whistleblower and technologist on living in the present – and the fight for everyone’s future


Our cover star invites essential LGBTQ+ activist voices to write on the issue they care about most

HUNTER SCHAFER Photography Mario Sorrenti Styling Robbie Spencer

The model and burgeoning actress tells confidante Rowan Blanchard how she found her “most fully realised self ”

ARIEL NICHOLSON Photography Mario Sorrenti Styling Robbie Spencer

The model newcomer on astrology, ANTM and sculpting her identity in the fashion arena


A long form essay by Emma Hope Allwood exploring the future of queer visibility in fashion

KROW Photography Sean & Seng Styling Robbie Spencer

The enigmatic model made fearless strides for trans male visibility at Louis Vuitton SS19 – what’s next?


Photography Sharna Osborne Styling Haley Wollens


Photography Pascal Gambarte Styling Akeem Smith


Photography Danielle Neu Styling Emma Wyman


Photography Anders Edström Styling Camille Bidault-Waddington

KAREN O Photography Clara Balzary Styling Emma Wyman

The era-defining musician on swapping the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ 00s chaos for Lux Prima, her cosmic solo LP

I’LL BE YOUR MIRROR Photography Harley Weir

Intimate portraiture of transitioning, with models Casil McArthur and Devyn Nuñez

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104 – 109

110 – 115

116 – 123

124 – 131

132 – 133

134 – 143

144 – 151

152 – 159

160 – 171

172 – 181

182 – 189

190 – 197

198 – 203

204 – 223

224 – 225

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244 – 255

256 – 265

266 – 275

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296 – 301

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