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December 29 2010 - January 4 2011



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Sheridan convicted Former MSP faces jail for perjury after lying in tabloid sex case

‘Crossbow cannibal’ sentenced Stephen Griffiths will die in prison after admitting to three murders

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Super-sized star Jack Black talks to Will Lawrence about his new role as Gulliver

Thoroughly modern expats How technology has transformed the lives of a British couple in Spain

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There were two winners of Saturday’s £7.2m jackpot but no one won Wednesday’s £2.5m prize

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Avon Gorge





Long Ashton

Golf Club


Friday Dec 17, 8pm Joanna Yeates leaves the Ram to make the 30 minute journey from the city centre to her home in Clifton


8.10pm Miss Yeates is seen on

CCTV in Waitrose supermarket. 8.30pm she phones friend Rebecca Scott to discuss Christmas plans


8.40pm She is seen on CCTV buying a pizza at Tesco Express in Regent Street, Clifton, about a quarter of mile from her flat


Police believe she returned to her flat on Canynge Road, where her mobile phone and keys were found. The pizza box has not been found


Saturday Dec 25, 9am A couple walking their dogs in the Failand area of North Somerset, three miles from where

Miss Yeates went missing, find her body


Joanna Yeates and her boyfriend, Greg Reardon (right). He raised the alarm after finding the flat empty. She left behind her keys, coat and mobile phone

By Richard Savill ONLY three miles separate Joanna Yeates’s flat in Clifton, Bristol, from the lane in which her body was found. What happened to her between those two places is a mystery.

Police this week appealed to the public for help to give Miss Yeates’s parents “the answers they so desperately want” about their daughter’s death.

Miss Yeates, 25, a landscape architect for the architects BDP, vanished on Dec 17 after having drinks with work colleagues in The Ram pub in the centre of Bristol.

Her body was found by two people walking their dogs at 9am on Christmas Day on a verge in Longwood Lane, Failand, north Somerset.

Avon and Somerset Police said that officers were “satisfied” that the victim was Miss Yeates. Her death was being treated as “suspicious”. The cause of death would not be known until a postmortem examination was completed.

Officers were studying the many CCTV cameras on the nearby Clifton suspension bridge, a notorious suicide spot, in the hope of finding clues to her death.

Chief Supt Jon Stratford said: “Our heartfelt condolences go out to Joanna’s family for their loss. We have not stopped working throughout the Christmas period to find their daughter after she was reported missing.

“I would appeal to anyone with any information whatsoever to please come forward and help us provide Joanna’s parents with the answers they so desperately want.”

Miss Yeates left The Ram pub at 8pm on Dec 17 after drinks with colleagues. During the one-mile walk home she stopped at a Waitrose store, but did not buy anything, and then went to a Tesco Express store in Regent Street, Clifton.

CCTV footage shows her using a self-service checkout to pay for a pizza. Her keys, coat and mobile telephone were found at her flat in Canynge Road but the pizza, its wrapping and the box were missing. Detectives said there were no signs of forced entry but her parents, after seeing the state of the flat, were convinced that she was abducted.

Miss Yeates’s boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, a landscape architect at the same company in Bristol, raised the alarm shortly before midnight last Sunday night, December 19, after returning from a weekend visit to Sheffield to see his half-brother, Francis,

33. Police said Miss Yeates’s parents David, 63, an IT worker, and Teresa, 58, a Waitrose supermarket cashier, of Ampfield, near Romsey, Hampshire, were “very distressed” after the body was found.

The parents said it would be a relief if she were confirmed as the victim because they would be able to say goodbye.

Mr Yeates said: “We don’t want to go to our graves wondering where she is and not being given the chance to say goodbye to her.”

Police were trying to determine how long the body was on the verge.

A woman from a nearby village reportedly said she was driving with her two daughters late on Christmas Eve when they saw a man run across the road and jump over a stile. “It was dark and it was very odd,” she said.