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The COVER ANNA PAQUIN wears jacket by Balenciaga by Nicolas GhesquiÈre; bra by Atsuko Kudo; skirt by Margaret Howell photography TERY R I CH A RDSO N styling K A T I E SH I L IN G F ORD

The front 18 VAMPIRE WEKEND select Jai PauL 20 E l Guin cho selects N i colAs Me n deZ 22 Peter M u ll an selects CO NN OR M C A RO N 24 Br un o P i eters selects LE Y IN Tifan y Tan g 26 in co min g: FA SH I O N N EWS 32 M a chete 34 pa rty pa ge 36 fa sh i o n f orw a rd: Gu cc i photography AN DRE A S P OTOR N O styling Jo ana S chle nz k a 38 he a d to he a d: jam es f r an co v s d an y b oyle 40 fa sh i o n a rch iv e: ro b erto c apu cc i 42 lo ui s vui tto n 44 RE B OK AN D E MP OR I O A R MANI 48 yo u r h i story: col in n ew man 50 D I ESEL B E ST UPI D 52 un der the red sky photography scott tr in dle styling j oh n col v er 60 Dani el PI n ch b eck: P RO P HET M OT IV E #12

The MAINS 62 Ana Paquin the star of sex-crazed vampire smash TrueBlood tells us what she’s preparing to sink her teeth into next 68 jami e xx v s Ri chA RD r u ssell the reticent xx mainman has a rare heart-to-heart with XL R ecordings boss R ichard R ussell 72 lykke l i the former L olita tells us why she’s gone over to the dark side 88 r af s im o n s to celebrate 15 years of unparalleled style rebellion, the designer collaborates on an exclusive archive shoot

The fAshIon 90 primary photography KACPER KASPRZYK styling KATIE SHILINGFORD 102 c an dy g i rl photography AN DRE A S P OTOR N O styling J O ANNA SCHLE NZ K A

The bAck 108 Cult VIP: WILIAM GEDNEY a reclusive photographer who captured truth and beauty through moments of isolation 112 Q&A: Joh n B a ldess a r i the towering genius who shaped modern art tells us why he’s still committed to deconstructing expectations 114 Art: H UN G & DR A W N D aido Moriyama on the heart of the city; the leading lights of cyber-art; all this month’s unmissable shows 116 L iterature: B O UN D & F LOGED T ao L in on a G mail chat love affair; skate rats with big dreams; this month’s reviews 118 Film: C U T & WR APP ED S am R ockwell proves he has conviction; Javier Bardem; Jonas Mekas on TheBlondeCobra; the best new films reviewed 122 Music: A GO N Y & ECST A SY G irl Unit; Ayshay; G atekeeper; Alex C lare; D isaro R ecords; X-posure; this month’s Dazed & Approved releases 128 L ast S hot: R oswell AN G I ER behaving badly backstage with Boston’s finest showgirls thIs month on See an exclusive film and extended edit of the RAF SIMONS anniversary feature b e hi n d t h e s c e n e s of ELGUI



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