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Shoot me now, p60


5 Leading article 8 Portrait of the Week 9 Diary I didn’t expect to be spat on in the streets of London James Kirchick 11 Politics America’s war games

Daniel McCarthy 17 Rod Liddle

The Brexit party delusion 20 Ancient and modern

Age-old wisdom 21 James Delingpole

Eton embraces identity politics 25 Barometer Royal name games,

junk food and the electric revolution 26 Letters An honest Brexit, Labour’s fence-sitting and reforming childcare 28 Any other business

Metro Bank was the wrong model for its time and place Martin Vander Weyer

Charles Moore, Deborah Ross and Jeremy Clarke are away.

Trouble in fairyland, p18

The invisible woman of literature, p30

12 Time for Boris?

He might be the best hope for the Tory party James Forsyth 13 Maitreyabandhu |

‘Rilke on the Place de la Concorde’: a poem 14 His dark materials An interview with Cambridge

Analytica’s Alexander Nix Freddy Gray 18 Writers blocked Even fantasy fiction is now offensive

Karen Yossman 20 Snog a Tory Stepping out of your comfort zone

Laura Freeman 22 Dictator in the dock What one activist’s death tells us about war crimes in Syria Paul Wood 25 Clearing the air Our pollution crisis isn’t that bad

Ross Clark


BOOKS 30 Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

L.E.L., by Lucasta Miller 32 Sarah Perry

The Heavens, by Sandra Newman Sam Leith

Cari Mora, by Thomas Harris John Fuller

‘Breath’: a poem 33 Lee Langley

The Polyglot Lovers, by Lina Wolff Honor Clerk

The Sea Journal, by Huw Lewis-Jones 35 Alan Judd on Vladimir Putin Stephen Bayley

Lee Krasner, by Gail Levin 37 Jeff Noon on crime fiction Nicholas Murray

‘Cooking in a Bedsitter’: a poem 38 Simon Kuper

The Men on Magic Carpets, by Ed Hawkins Stephen Phillips

Mr Straight Arrow, by Jeremy Treglown

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