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Protesters at a March for Life event in London last weekend 28


Clifford Longley ‘Why do the bishops lack the courage to say the EU is a great moral vision?’ / 9

Christopher Howse’s Notebook ‘I’m afraid we’ve got a job lot: fire and hail and, as available, dragons’ / 13


From the Archive 14 Puzzles 14 Letters 16 The Living Spirit 17

CONTENTS 18 MAY 2019 // VOL 273 NO. 9302


4 / The empty sky

In spite of the clear mandate from Pope Francis, our bishops are reluctant to take action on the damage humanity has wrought on the planet / BY MARY COLWELL

6 / Is America ready for a gay president? An openly gay candidate for the US Democratic nomination is challenging the Republican religious right and calling for a religious left / BY MICHAEL SEAN WINTERS

8 / ‘It’s almost like the birth pangs of a new culture’ The second in our series in which six priests share their fears and concerns,

their hopes and dreams / BY PAUL GROGAN AND BLANCHE GIROUARD

10 / Free to share their wounds A new project brought together women from very different Christian traditions to talk openly and honestly about their experiences / BY GABRIELLE THOMAS

12 / A vision of life for everyone Jean Vanier offered a view of the life of Jesus, and of how we, who seek to follow him, could or even should live our lives / BY JOCK DALRYMPLE

12 / What did I learn from Jean Vanier? I learned that listening to someone is the most important thing you can do with them / BY PAMELA CUSHING

15 / A message from our fundraising manager Help The Tablet retain its place at the centre of the global conversation about the future of Catholicism / BY SARAH BEATTIE


24 / The Church in the World / News briefing 25 / Women strike against Church’s male dominance

27 / View from Rome 28 / News from Britain and Ireland / News briefing 29 / Bishops welcome new safeguarding norms



Maureen Duffy Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain’s Poorest Towns KERRY HUDSON Alastair Hannay Philosopher of the Heart: The Restless Life of Søren Kierkegaard CLARE CARLISLE Terry Philpot Protest and Power: The Battle for the Labour Party DAVID KOGAN


Mu sic Da Vinci Requiem; Dialogues des Carmélites ALEXANDRA COGHLAN Theatre Shadowlands; The Half God of Rainfall; Pah-La MARK LAWSON Radio When Parents Split D.J. TAYLOR Television Years and Years LUCY LETHBRIDGE

18 MAY 2019 | THE TABLET | 3

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