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June 2019 / Issue 112

Manchester Square Telling difficult truths 3 Counterpoints Agree to disagree; What’s in a word?; Snack attacks; The border question; A penny saved 6 Letters Cold turkey the right recipe for farmers; Gay sex education; Running wild; Slavery reparations 11 Columns Marketplace Tim Congdon examines new research on austerity from Italy which may undermine a key plank of Keynesianism 12 Westminster Michael Mosbacher predicts that class and education will play a major role in the Conservative leadership battle 13 Guest Speaker J.C.D. Clark says the delivery of justice is a lot more difficult than the champions of universal human rights envisaged 14 Open Season Helen Dale warns that the unintended consequence of web regulation could be built-in political bias 15 Points East and West Edward Lucas says democratic Ukraine posts a stark contrast to Putin’s rotten regime next door 16 Diary Daisy Dunn is surprised by train trouble in Switzerland and laments the mollycoddling of today’s children 17

Dispatches Cry, the crumbling country R.W. Johnson in Cape Town reports that President Ramaphosa’s troubles are only just beginning 18 Bombs reopen Sri Lanka’s divisions Clifford Bastin in Colombo says the Islamist terrorist attacks revealed government incompetence 22 Features Ink and the indelibly illustrated everyman Theodore Dalrymple asks what the ascent of tattoos from the marginalised to the middle classes signifies 46 Ray of light for cricket’s lengthening shadows Lincoln Allison laments the bad decisions that have sidelined the summer game and suggests a way to rekindle interest 48

COVER Ilustration BY Miriam Elia

Greta’s puppeteers A very corporate children’s crusade Dominic Green reveals the shadowy group of lobbyists and investors behind the schoolgirl climate warrior 24 The road to hell for the mentally incapacitated Nick Cohen argues that the weasel words of “disability rights” mask institutional cruelty and deprive parents of their say 26 The troubling legacy of Dr Martin Luther King David J. Garrow reveals newly-released FBI documents which portray the great civil rights leader as a sexual predator 30 Oakeshott’s lessons for a warring party Richard Cockett says a failure to heed conservative values of pragmatism and restraint has led to bitter Tory infighting at the expense of competence 38 The economists and the general John Meadowcroft points out that while Friedman and Buchanan have been accused of giving support to General Pinochet, Hayek has more to answer for 40 Be mindful of the latest magic bullet Ashley Frawley says “mindfulness” is just another self-improvement fad designed to enrich its proponents 42 Goodbye Mr Kidson, hello witchhunters Jamie Blackett wonders if his beloved but politically incorrect history teacher would have survived today 44

Civilisation Critique Clubland battle of the bookmen Barry Turner relates an unseemly row between Thackeray and Dickens sparked by a colourful gossip columnist 53 Books David Womersley on This is Shakespeare by Emma Smith; Jeffrey Meyers on Walter Gropius by Fiona MacCarthy; Christopher Bray on Witcraft by Jonathan Rée; Robert Crowcroft on Imperial Legacies by Jeremy Black; Simon Kingston on Protestant and Irish edited by Ian d’Alton and Ida Milne; Oliver Wiseman on Open: The Progressive Case for Free Trade, Immigration and Global Capital by Kimberley Clausing; Robert Low on Kidnap: Inside the Ransom Business by Anja Shortland Fiction Michael Duggan on Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James 56 Theatre Anne McElvoy welcomes a black Willy Loman and wrestles with the Nordic gloom of Rosmersholm 64 Music Norman Lebrecht reassesses the pioneering Amsterdam conductor who idolised Hitler and Mussolini 65 Daniel Johnson wonders why so few composers can write 66 Art Michael Prodger questions the provenance of a purported Caravaggio expected to fetch £100 million at auction 68 Alexander Adams says the “inconsequential and forgettable” Cathy Wilkes is the perfect representative for Britain in Venice 69 Drawing Board Lisa Hilton reports from the Venice Biennale on the market ascendancy of contemporary artists 70 Tex t Ian Thomson recalls the travails of writing Primo Levi’s biography 72 Restaurants Lisa Hilton admires echt Croatian cooking in Zagreb 75 Overrated / Underrated Aircraft carriers / Anti-tank weapons by Jeremy Black 76 Library Douglas Murray fondly remembers the public library system that helped to launch his writing career 78

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