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Dinos rs: now in colo r

So far, seven dinosaurs have had their colours or pa erns revealed by scientists

Microraptor gui Length: Up to 80cm, with a 1m wingspan Weight: 1kg Lived: Northeastern China, early-Cretaceous (120 million years ago) Four-winged relative of Velociraptor that glided and apped between the trees. Most dinosaurs are only known from a single fossil, but more than 300 skeletons of Microraptor have been found, suggesting it was abundant in its ecosystem.

Anchiornis huxleyi Length: 40cm, with a 50cm wingspan Weight: 250g Lived: Northeastern China, late-Jurassic (160 million years ago) Crow-sized, four-winged ying dinosaur. Similar to four-winged Microraptor, Anchiornis is known from hundreds of fossil specimens, meaning that it’s well understood as a species.


Borealopelta markmitchelli Length: 5.5m Weight: 1.3 tonnes Lived: Western Canada, mid-Cretaceous (110 million years ago) A type of heavily armoured ankylosaur, known as a nodosaur. Ankylosaurs are typically thought to have had spikes and armour plates for defence, but Borealopelta may also have used its exaggerated spines to impress possible mates.

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