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N° DE COMMISSION PARITAIRE 0320 K 89343 Mensuel: Juillet 2019 Dépôt légal

All pictures AFP unless indicated. Registered with the British Library. ISSN 0142-9345

©2019 IC Publications Ltd

CONTENTS Contents July 2019 Issue Nº 465

Cover Story Switched on: Africa’s broadcasting revolution

Business intelligence 4 Ne ws and deals fro m around Africa

Cover story 10 Sw itched on: A frica’s broadcasting re volution 18 NB A pushes into Africa

Features 22 Et hiopia gambles on cheap labour 26 Co mbating corporate c orruption 29 In terview: Mthuli Ncube, minister o f fi nance,

Z imbabwe 32 Af rica’s budding c annabis market 36 Fa ll of Abraaj jolts p rivate equity 38 Af DB meets in Malabo

44 Wi nners of the African

Ba nker awards 46 In terview: Ken Njoroge, C EO, Cellulant 48 Ha rnessing digital technology 50 US m ust rebuild Africa ties 52 Go ld smuggling in Sudan 54 Ca shing in on cashews 57 Af DB promotes regional i ntegration 60 Ni geria woos infrastructure i nvestors

Countryfiles 62 Mo zambique bears cost of t wo cyclones 64 To go encourages private sector

Review 72 Ch airman Mao and Africa

Last Word 74 Cl eaning up African football

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