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‘The ambassador has been moved to other duties.’ p9 & p10

Why there’s no one like him, p53

Schoolboy crush, p33


3 Leading article 6 Portrait of the Week 7 Diary I’ve been turned into a curiosity – and Boris is to blame Petronella Wyatt 8 Politics Boris’s Brexit minister

James Forsyth 9 The Spectator’s Notes

Sir Kim Darroch, civil servants vs no deal, and Pride Charles Moore 15 Rod Liddle

My campaign for fairer treatment 17 Barometer ‘Ode to Joy’, police numbers and women’s football fans 18 Ancient and modern

Glimmers of hope 23 From the archive An absurd craze 24 James Delingpole Girl’s gone to

Magaluf and it’s hard not to worry 25 Letters Lidl’s champagne, Brexit betrayals and the crisis in Hong Kong 26 Any other business

Deutsche Bank is right to return to its domestic roots Martin Vander Weyer


10 The ties that bind

Can Boris Johnson forge a brand-new transatlantic alliance? Freddy Gray 11 John Williams

‘Night Tube’: a poem 12 A losing battle

Those who’ve fought against Isis aren’t welcomed home Kenneth R. Rosen 14 Sue the Normans!

Anglo-Saxons deserve reparations for the Conquest Sahil Mahtani 16 ‘Duty howled’

Ann Widdecombe plans her return to Westminster Lynn Barber 18 Who’s afraid of no deal?

The fat Tory MPs of yesteryear have been replaced by fitness freaks Harry Mount BOOKS 29 Caroline Moorehead The Volunteer, by Jack Fairweather 30 Chris Mullin 15 Minutes of Power, by Peter Riddell Robert Saxton ‘Shore Walker’: a poem 31 Frank Lawton Jerusalem by Merav Mack and Benjamin Balint Zoë Apostolides 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World, by Elif Shafak 32 Sofka Zinovieff Sweet Sorrow, by David Nicholls Nicholas Lezard Live a Little, by Howard Jacobson 33 Elizabeth Goldring The Elizabethan Image, by Roy Strong

It needn’t be as bad as everyone says Anthony Browne 23 Jog on

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