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Takis’s art, p36

Anglo-Saxon lives matter, p14

Giant steps, p40


ARTS 34 Interview Jim Broadbent: ‘I merge into the background, me’ Stuart Jeffries 36 Exhibitions Takis

Simon Ings 37 Theatre Europe; The Secret Diary of Adrian

Mole,Aged 13¾ — The Musical Lloyd Evans Cinema The Brink

Deborah Ross 38 Opera The Turn of the Screw;

8 Days: To the Moon and Back James Walton LIFE 47 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 48 Colin Falck ‘Names’: a poem 49 Real life Melissa Kite Bridge Susanna Gross AND FINALLY . . . 42 Notes on… Motorways Mark Mason 50 Chess Raymond Keene Competition Lucy Vickery 51 Crossword Doc 52 No sacred cows Toby Young Battle for Britain Michael Heath 53 Sport Roger Alton Your problems solved Mary Killen 54 Food Tanya Gold Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

Noye’s Fludde Alexandra Coghlan 39 Music Stockhausen

Igor Toronyi-Lalic 40 Radio Kate Chisholm Television

Because pulped paper is an excellent road-building material, the M6 toll motorway contains 2.5 million Mills & Boon novels. Mark Mason, p42

I remember Boris telling me that Max Hastings disliked me (incidentally, I suspect Max’s wellpublicised hatred of Boris is in part caused by sexual jealousy). Petronella Wyatt, p7

There was no desire in us to believe the news from Auschwitz. ‘Poles,’ observed one man at the Foreign Office, ‘are being very irritating over this.’ Caroline Moorehead, p29


Kenneth R. Rosen is an American journalist. His 2017 reporting on extrajudicial killings in Iraq won the Bayeux-Calvados Award for war coverage. He writes about anti-Isis fighters on p12.

Sahil Mahtani, who makes the case for reparations for the Norman conquest on p14, grew up in Jakarta and studied history at Harvard. He is now an investment strategist in London.

the spectator | 13 july 2019 |

Caroline Moorehead, who reviews a book about the spy who infiltrated Auschwitz on p29, is the author of many books — most recently A Bold And Dangerous Family.

Elizabeth Goldring is an honorary associate professor at Warwick University and the author of a biography of Elizabethan miniaturist Nicholas Hilliard. She writes about Renaissance portraiture on p33.

Sofka Zinovieff, who reviews David Nicholls’s new novel on p32, is a novelist and historian who has lived in Russia, Italy and Greece. Her most recent work of fiction is Putney.


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