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Cover art direction Erica Weathers

Cover image André Carrilho

Design for life: Philip Hoare on the story of Bauhaus 52 Breaking convention: Leo Robson on Iris Murdoch 42

The Critics: Arts

54 Film: Ryan Gilbey is frustrated by the meta in-jokes of Jim Jarmusch’s zombie flick The Dead Don’t Die 55 Television: Rachel Cooke cringes her way through the BBC’s desperately relevant but implausible Hollywood abuse drama Dark Money 55 Anna Leszkiewicz on Griefcast, an open, oddly lighthearted podcast about death

“The living wailed as the dead were thrown out on to the snow”

Amelia Tait, page 40

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57 Drink Nina Caplan 58 Down and Out Nicholas Lezard 59 Access All Areas Kate Mossman 60 Health Matters Nishat Siddiqi 61 Crossword, Subscriber of the Week and NS Word Games 62 The NS Q&A Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip


Cartoons, photographs and illustrations by Becky Barnicoat, Alex Brenchley, Andrew Evans, Grizelda, Kristian Hammerstad, Rebecca Hendin, Ben Jennings, Steven Jones, George Leigh and Ian McGowan

Graphics by Dan Murrell

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The Tories’ Trumpian economics Simon Wren-Lewis on the political inspiration for tax cuts

Mental health’s last taboo Hettie O’Brien interviews Esmé Weijun Wang, author of “The Collected Schizophrenias”

The Irish language wars Siobhan Fenton on a struggle over identity in Northern Ireland

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