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Bothayna Al-Essa

Wajdi Al-Ahdal

Fatena Alghorra

Lutf Al-Sarar y

Ahmad Al-Qarmalawi

1 Samer Abu Hawwash: The man who came out of himself, translated by Raphael Cohen

10 EDITORIAL 12 Bothayna Al-Essa: Lost in Mecca, a chapter from Maps of the Labyrinth, translated and introduced by Nancy Roberts 36 Lutf Al-Sarary: Please Do Not Bomb and other stories,

translated by Samira Kawar. 50 Fatena Alghorra: Three Poems, translated by Jonathan Wright 57 Wajdi Al-Ahdal: “Who raped Jalila?”, a chapter from the novel Land of Happy Conspiracies, translated and introduced by William M Hutchins 73 Ahmad Al-Qarmalawi: A chapter from the novel

Summer Rains, winner of the 2018 Sheikh Zayed Book Award, translated by Sophia Vasalou 90 Ahmed El-Madini: Two short stories – The Hunchback of Rabat and The Day the Angel descended on Paris, translated by Mbarek Sryfi THE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES OF FADHIL AL-AZZAWI 104 A special feature on the Iraqi poet and writer Fadhil al-Azzawi 106 Farouk Yousif: A Unique Iraqi Icon 110 Excerpts from the novel Fadhil al-Azzawi’s Beautiful

8 Banipal 65 – SUMMER 2019

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