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44 Venezuela

R u s s S l a t e r

E l l y L u c a s

38 Spell Songs

UPFRONT 08 Top of the World CD 11 World Music Festival

Chicago Bonus CD 13 What’s New 18 Songlines Encounters

Festival round-up 20 Introducing... Remna & San Salvador 22 Simon Says 23 Letters 25 Spotlight: Sevara 26 Songlines Music


FEATURES 28 Orquesta Akokán

The big band reviving classic Cuban mambo 34 BCUC

Soweto’s traditional township music remade 38 Spell Songs

The musical companion to The Lost Words 44 Venezuela

A music scene in crisis 48 Brushy One String

Jamaica’s one string hero 50 Balinese Gamelan

Jamaica’s one string hero Balinese Gamelan Tracing back Attenborough’s recording

Tracing back Attenborough’s recording

REVIEWS 58 Africa 60 Americas 64 Europe 71 Asia 73 Middle East 74 Fusion 81 Books 83 Classical & Jazz 84 World Cinema 86 Live Reviews

“I am so pleased that royalties for the gamelan piece I recorded over 50 years ago in Bali are going to the descendants of the musicians who performed it” Sir David Attenborough, read more on p50


50 Balinese gamelan

R i o

H e l m i


88 My World:

Inua Ellams 91 Postcard from

Cartagena, Colombia 92 Beginner’s Guide to Stephan Micus 94 Festival Pass:

Tønder Festival 97 Dispatch from

Istanbul 99 Quickfire 101 My Instrument:

101 My Instrument:

Germán López 103 Gig Guide 111 Overseas Festivals 113 Soapbox 114 Essential 10:

Germán López 103 Gig Guide 111 Overseas Festivals 113 Soapbox 114 Essential 10:



48 Brushy One String

48 Brushy One String



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