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Summer 2019 Volume 55 Number 1


FEATURES 2. Editorial 13. James Goodwin: The Utterly in Common,

Or the Body of Colour in the Flesh 37. Catrin Menai and Rhys Trimble: Tristan ac Esyllt 50. Rhea Seren Phillips: The Outsider – Welsh Poetic

Measures and Metre in the English Language 62. Alonso Quesda translated and introduced by Daniel Eltringham 72. Wales PEN Cymru Translation Challenge 2019:

Paul Kaye, Wioletta Greg and Antonia Lloyd-Jones 94. From the Archive: Meirion Pennar

REVIEWS 81. Siofra McSherry on Amy McCauley &

Rebecca Tamás 83. Jonathan Edwards on Josephine Corcoran,

Richard Gwyn & Kate Potts 86. Jazmine Linklater on Heather Phillipson &

Carrie Etter 88. Gareth Prior on Rhys Trimble 90. Ellen Bell on Phillip Gross, Lesley Saunders

& Jonathan Edwards 92. Rhys Trimble on Harry Gilonis

POEMS 4. Gloria Dawson 8. Verity Spott 24. Lucy Mercer 25. Harry Josephine Giles 26. Stephen Emmerson 32. Virna Teixeira trans. Shelly Bhoil 46. David Ashford 54. Paul Stephenson 55. Catrin Menai 58. Charles Wilkinson 60. Tara Skurtu 68. Efe Duyan trans. Neil Doherty & Tara Skurtu 73. Wioletta Greg trans. Paul Kaye 79. Ghazal Mosadeq 94. Meirion Pennar trans. Rhys Trimble

Editor Nia Davies

1 P O E T R Y W A L E S

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