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John Wilson invoked Oscar Romero in his installation as Archbishop of Southwark 28


Melanie McDonagh’s Notebook ‘If laypeople are to be permitted to preach, then they should be biblical scholars’ / 5

Dawn Foster ‘Religion and politics are slowly drifting apart in Britain’ / 7

REGULARS Word from the Cloisters 14 Puzzles 14 Letters 15 The Living Spirit 16

CONTENTS 3 AUGUST 2019 // VOL 273 NO. 9313


4 / Theology in transition A leading feminist theologian learns from the young of the Balkans, where communities still reel from dictatorship and war / BY TINA BEATTIE

6 / Face to face with London’s cleaners An exhibition of elegant photographic portraits captures the charm and resilience of the migrant army keeping the City’s workspaces tidy / BY MAGDALEN EVANS

8 / The Tablet Interview: Richard Holloway The former Bishop of Edinburgh reveals he still hears the whisper of the transcendent despite losing his faith / BY MAGGIE FERGUSSON

10 / Habits of the heart In one of Europe’s most Catholic countries, all is not well in the Church that once defined the Polish nation / BY MARTA KWASNICKA

13 / The battle for Muslim Europe Can President Erdogan of Turkey still exert a strong influence over radical

Islam after his recent electoral defeat in Istanbul? / BY IVOR ROBERTS


23 / The Church in the World / News briefing 24 / ‘Extensive violent abuse’ at leading choir school

26 / View from Jerusalem 2 7 / News from Britain and Ireland / News briefing 28 / Archbishop of Southwark takes Romero as model

30 / Obituary: Cardinal Jaime Ortega



Kevin Rafferty The Great Successor: The Secret Rise and Rule of Kim Jong Un ANNA FIFIELD Penelope Lively Mud and Stars: Travels in Russia with Pushkin and Other Geniuses of the Golden Age SARA WHEELER Lindsay Duguid Shadowplay JOSEPH O’CONNOR


Th eatre Edinburgh Festival Fringe preview MARK LAWSON Television I Am Kirsty LUCY LETHBRIDGE Opera Il segreto di Susanna/Iolanta ALXANDRA COGHLAN Radio David Cannadine: On Crossing the Religious Divide D.J. TAYLOR

3 AUGUST 2019 | THE TABLET | 3

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