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p. 18 Can Abiy hold Ethiopia together? Has Abiy Ahmed moved too fast with reforms in a state based on ethnic federalism?

Readers’ views 04 Your comments and letters Kaleidoscope 06 Briefs 15 Quote/unquote Editorial 17 Another David and Goliath battle COVER STORY 18 Can Abiy hold Ethiopia together? Baffour’s beefs 26 Be comfortable in your own skin Analysis 28 Can Tshisekedi cut the e astern Gordian rope? Star interview 32 Reeta Roy, President and CEO,

M astercard Foundation Native intelligence 36 Tradition is bedrock o f African societies

Speaker’s corner 38 The blame game doesn’t cut it Letter from london 40 Count Prince Miller –

s oothing the savage beast Icons 42 Peter Magubane:

‘ The camera was my gun’ New age 46 Time to take pride in ourselves Second African revolution 49 Forget state capture –

t hink Africa capture Notes from ghana 50 Has a collective m adness infected Ghana? Jo’burg diary 54 Longings of the heart

Environment 56 Africa must play it s mart in Santiago Around africa 58 Egypt: Will Netflix b oost stagnant local TV industry? 60 Botswana: Election drama c omes to the boil 62 South Africa: Has ‘class’

A partheid taken root? 64 DRC/Uganda: Ancient roots of m odern conflict Arts / music 66 Africa Express’ Egoli –

a n ew musical language Sport 70 Soccer: Algeria aglow with A FCON victory Back to the future 74 Regaining our dignity

NewAfrican The bestselling pan-African magazine, founded in 1966. AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 597

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