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56 | Rangers prepare to head out on an anti-poaching patrol in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo february 2011 Volume 83 No 2 Contents ON THE COVER: Rows of initiates pray during a mass ordination of 34,000 monks in Wat Phra Dhammakaya, a Buddhist temple located to the north of Bangkok

Depar tments N e w s | 10 Worldwatch | 12 Climatewatch | 16 In Society R e g u l a r s | 6 GEOGRAPHICAL ARCHIVE

| 14hotspot: Ecuador | 63 Reviews | 74 Geophoto: Storms | 78 Leters andcrosword

| 82 I’m ageographer: Brian Chase C om p e t i t i o n s | 8 Where in the world? | 18 Younggeographer of the year: The results iffe cunl en steph

Photograph by luke duggleby

Features 20 Photostory: One for the road The ancient Tea Horse Road, over which China exchanged its tea for Tibet’s hardy war horses, was one of the longest and most dramatic trade routes of the ancient world. Photographer Michael Freeman spent two years creating a visual document of this remarkable network

30 Visions of a better world? As concerns mount over issues such as climate change and energy security, governments and corporations are using scenario planning to envisage plausible futures that will help them to shape their long-term strategies. Mark Rowe reports

36 Europe’s migrant portal The far northeast of Greece is an ideal gateway into Europe for migrants in search of asylum or a better life. But the journey is perilous, and once on Greek soil, migrants face strict local laws and heavy-handed policing, writes Matt Carr

42 Dossier: Growth of the nuclear family Governments around the world are increasingly turning to nuclear reactors to satisfy their countries’ power needs, but concerns about safety and waste disposal remain. Mark Rowe reports

50 Monks en masse Over a six-month period, photographer Luke Duggleby visited Bangkok’s Wat Phra Dhammakaya on numerous occasions, slowly gaining the trust of the temple hierarchy. The result was a rare level of access to some of the world’s most spectacular religious gatherings

56 Life returns Located in the heart of the Congo, Garamba National Park is one of Africa’s oldest parks, but decades of poaching have decimated its once prolific herds. Now, an improvement in the local security situation is nurturing a rejuvenation. Stephen Cunliffe reports

69 Essential gear: The coldest race on Earth The Yukon Arctic Ultra sees competitors trek 700 kilometres through snow, ice and temperatures as low as –60°C in Canada’s far north. Andy Heading describes the kit that kept him on track february 2011 3

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