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12 w!9H,(•1;£4 GALLERY The new Mander organ in Cranl eigh School Chapel.

17 FRENCH CLASSICAL ORGAN MUSIC Understandin g genre is th e key to good performance pr ac ti ce .

20 VICTORIA Wh at was th e role of instrum ents in performin g his sac red music?

24 LONGWOOD AEOLIAN Th e life and t im es of a 1930 orga n in a botani cal ga rden.

35 VYTAUTAS MISKINIS How modern do es co ntemporary choral music need to be?

40 FESTIVALS Our spec ial suppl ement visits a landmark organ fes ti va l in Por to and lists choral and orga n fes ti vals fo r 2011.

48 CAVAILLE-COLL IN SHEFFIELD The orga n build er's lar gest UK in strum ent th at in spired envy.

52 GEORGE MCPHEE Pa isley Abbey's director of music is loa th to hang up his organ shoes.

56 CHERYL FRANCES-HOAD Winning two BASCA awards is just the beginning fo r th e co mposer.

REGULARS 3 Editor's letter I 4 News I 33 Graeme Kay goes Freestyl e I 61 Readers' offers I 65 Jeremy Filsell is Stateside I 67 Reci tal round -up I 68 On release 29 BUILDING BLOCK 32ft so und s on a bud get , by !an Bell 32 PLANT LIFE- NEWS FROM THE FACTORY FLOOR Progre ss on the Richard s, Fawkes for London, two commi ss ions for Letourneau , and Ryde & Berg clock up Opus 100. 38 NEW MUSIC 'i;!U\Wfitil Christopher Hutchings: Speravi In Te. 54 RAISING STANDARDS Dav id Hill on the Brahms Requiem. 62 TUTORIAL David Goode's practi sing principles part 2. 70 REVIEWS Voices Now at th e Roundhouse, French music on th e Essen Phi lharmonie Kuhn , complete Alain from Oslo, singlecomposer CDs of jonathan Harvey, Paul Stanhope and M arcus Huxley, Eriks Esenvalds Passion & Resurrection,joubert's Requiem , and a book on baroque keyboa rd notation . 88 PRACTICE ROOM Roge r judd's Sk ra bl in He reford shire.


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