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From Inland Kay Syrad writes: “Given the current ecological crisis, I have been trying to face away from the self, adopting an approach influenced by the eco-scholar Donna Haraway’s idea of ‘being with’ and ‘making with’ the non-human. The self continues to intervene, of course, but perhaps with greater humility.”

Swans in a field two loop-necked birds a strip of green between them nestled but alert beaks reaching I see them through glass silent feathers not far from the stream they arise from chaos as traces of light as movement in the quiet green small in the wide green I am dazzled I inhabit their emptiness

Bird of paradise flower Strelizia reginae The slender double-gold-collared sunbird – a small passerine with a long arc’d bill – leaves its purse-shaped lace-webbed nest hung from a thin branch and darts down for the nectar of a crane lily bird of paradise flower, balances its seven grams on the petalleaf spathe and let-looses all the powdery pollen, dusting its amethyst-orange breast and feet, and flash-flies in the fireheart-heat of the Western Cape to the next set of yellowred and bright blue tongues in horizontal inflorescences – the envy of Charlotte, George the Third’s botanist wife from MecklenburgStrelitz, an English queen of African descent.

Painting by Sue Davis

Listening to moss for Judith, i.m. I take a blindfold, lie down and listen to a half-globe of star-green star moss, hear dense hairs ease up, and reflecting leaf tips brace, catch narrow fronds sly slowing the air, slow air lip a long leaf and I just couldn’t remember humanness even though or especially because she died and I wasn’t there, nor she, all so very late while the star-green star moss sips dew in the breath-seed between air and rock as if in death all were air and moss and fresh floating love and death itself dissolved until the powder-spores are lifted high, full-free on breezy swirls and vortices.

Peter Abbs is Poetry Editor for Resurgence & Ecologist. Patricia Helen Wooldridge, Sea Poetics, Cinnamon Press, 2018 Kay Syrad, Inland, Cinnamon Press, 2018

Issue 316

Resurgence & Ecologist


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