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c o n t e n t s WATER CRAFT w137 September/October 2019

7 The Gribble Fair sheers for all.

8 Liberté, Egalité, Covivialité

The greatest yet: Kathy Mansfield has pictures of the enormous boat gathering of la Semaine du Golfe.

13 With the Wooden

Boats in Ireland Cruising in Lively, Kate Baker joins the Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival.

17 Build Your Own

16' (4.9m) Pocket Gaffer Designer Paul Gartside revisits his popular Oysterman design with updated plans and offsets for today's builders.

Top: Wooden boats at Baltimore – p13 Above: Building a Gartside cutter – p24

32 Building A Wooden

Cruising Yacht Jerry Eardley reaches the messy stage: epoxy-glass sheathing the hull.

48 Adventures with Dinghy

Ellen Massey Leonard explores the mangrove swamps of Fiji.

50 Reviews & Reports Four legs good: the editor test-drives the PlanKform trestle, Mirka sanding sheets and the remarkably low-slung Bosch cordless jigsaw.

52 Grand Designs The boatbuilding season starts here with two appealing American designs: Dave Gentry's Light Melonseed skiff and Sam Devlin's lobster boat.

56 Design Your Own Boat Naval architect Ian Nicolson on climbing aboard easily.

24 Building A

Cold-Moulded Cutter Amateur John Levell describes how and why he began a 5-year project. 30 A Boatbuilder's Log Master craftsman Colin Henwood on the snuggledog and how to train it.

37 Hollow Spars, Rudder

& Centreplate Julian Wolfram concludes his series on building his trailer sailer.

43 Crab Pot Craftsman Cat and Si Holman meet Nigel Legge who makes pots the old way

58 Join The Club Bring me sunshine, as they say in the Netherlands... and Cornwall.

62 Beautiful Peagreen

Boats Coming up next: September's Southampton Boat Show

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