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StandVolume 17 (2)

Madeleine Lee

Audrey Chin Cheryl Julia Lee

Pooja Nansi Balli Kaur Jaswal Anne Lee Tzu Pheng Suchen Christine Lim

Euginia Tan Nuraliah Norisid

Eleanor Wong Madeleine Lee Bi’an Award Winners

Jingan Young

Lab Ky Mo David Tse Antony Nicholls Beatrice Teissier David Alan Goldstein

Dan O’Brien G.C. Waldrep

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Editorial Potiphar’s Wife Two Poems Two Poems Inventions of the Future Poem Mei Kwei, I Love You The Pond Cleaner and the Prostitute From: Logs of a Space Mariner From: Jointly & Severably Poem Plum Nest Cycling a Protest Walk Take Me Away Poem Four Poems Taboo Six Poems Seven Poems

Kirsty Sangster Jenny Johnson Mark Russell Reiss McGuinness

Jim Maguire Mary Gilliland

Jean Eng Timothy Houghton

Lauren Garland

David Gale Holly Day Andrew Neilson

Peter Bennet Stratford A. Kirby

Rachel Bower Lucy Cheseldine

Tony Roberts Peter McDonald Hannah Copley

Ed Reiss

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Three Poems Poem Five Poems Poem Three Poems Three Poems Two Poems Three Poems Two Poems Poem Two Poems Two Poems Three Poems Five Poems Four Poems Review Review Review Review Review Notes on Contributors

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