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M a r c h

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T h o m a s

The world’s best classical music reviews eecham’s secrets How England’s greatest conductor mastered his art

B e e c h a m

~ P e t e r a n d t h e

W olf

“ T h e

E n glish m a y n o t l i k e m u s i cb u t t h e y a b s ol u t el yl o v et h e n oi s eit m a k e s ”

by Rob Cowan PLUS ‘New’ Beecham recordings

~ hich eter and which olf?

In search of the inest recording of Proko iev’s children’s classic

~ Also ‘Brahms is a great composer – but I don’t want to hear a note of it,

not now, not later, not ever’

V ol u m e

8 8

Why, at 75, Steve Reich still doesn’t do conventional

Est 1923 . March 2011


Including... Domingo & Gheorghiu

Joyce DiDonato Sir Simon Rattle



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