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4 Interview:

El sie Kanza, head of the re gional agenda for Africa, WEF

6 Tr ade: Ma king the case for trade

8 Ec onomy: A frican competitiveness la gs in WEF ranking

14 Op inion: Cr edit where credit is due

16 Me et the Co-chairs:

Ji m Ovia, Founder, Zenith Bank

18 Le adership: Yo ung Global Leaders fo cus on refugee challenges

20 Ne xt Einstein Forum: On t he hunt for the n ext Einstein

24 Su stainability: Sa ving Africa’s tropical forests O pinion: 26 Fin ancing green growth in the Congo Basin

28 OCP targets sustainability gains

30 Bu siness: 4G C apital ramps up su stainable lending in Africa

33 In terview:

Ar ancha Gonzáles Laya

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