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Steve Backshall


A full colour photographic gift book featuring the world's most deadly and exotic animal facts by wildlife adventurer Steve Backshall.

9+ October £12.99 96pp HB 275 x 215mm 978 1 4440 0417 5 Territories: World Rights: Orion

As wildlife expert on CBBC’s groundbreaking series Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60, Steve Backshall has established himself as a popular children’s TV presenter.

‘The black mamba is generally considered to be the fastest of the snakes over the ground, but from personal experience, they do not move as fast as people often believe. I’ve actively chased a black mamba over relatively flat ground, and could keep pace with it with ease.’

‘Did you know that the mantis can turn its head 180 degrees, so they can actually look and see what’s behind them?’

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