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Liz Kessler

9+ April/October £9.99/£6.99 256pp HB/MMP 198 x 129mm 978 1 84255 586 6/978 1 4440 0321 5 eBook: 978 1 4440 0322 2 Territories: WXUSA Rights: Orion e


Jenni and Autumn have always been best friends, but a tragedy looms that will leave their friendship in tatters – unless Jenni can find a way to escape time and change the future.

‘Unlike other Liz Kessler books we have reviewed here at Bookbag, magic does not permeate the whole of Jenni’s existence. There is one single item which moves people in time, but the rest of life is ordinary and everyday. The combination is fascinating, as if Professor Dumbledore’s Pensieve had wandered into a Jacqueline Wilson novel.’

‘A gripping story, peopled with very believable characters which will have you gripped from start to finish.’ Parents in Touch Online

Liz Kessler studied English at Loughborough University, has worked as a teacher and a journalist and has an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. After taking a year off to travel around Europe in a camper van, Liz now lives in Cornwall. 46