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September/October 2019 / Issue 114

Manchester Square Offences and defences 3 Letters A Remainer responds—Boris is not our best hope; Jamless tomorrows; Peter Tatchell on scare stories; Relentless optimism in Cape Town’s badlands; Riga’s rights to remain 6 Taking off A poem by Liz Lefroy 7 Columns Guest Speaker Melanie McDonagh says Ireland needs an old-fashioned fixer, not the conformist Leo Varadkar 8 Diary Joan Bakewell finds that nostalgia is making a comeback, especially at Britain’s neglected seaside resorts 9







Politics Edward Lucas finds Boris Johnson’s grip on his Uxbridge seat at risk as Brexit remakes the political landscape; Jeremy Corbyn may face problems too 10 Marketplace Grace Blakeley argues that overblown finance makes capitalism overdue for reform 12 Wig & pen The Secret Barrister says the government’s tough talk on crime misses the point: the justice system is cash-starved 13 Westminster Marie Le Conte on the under-appreciated importance of political gossip 14 Open Season Helen Joyce says the decision to open women’s sport to trans women is ill-judged and dangerous 15

Features When the truth mattered (and why it still does) Nick Cohen explains the mark of a proper journalist is a willingness to publish news that may damn friends and allies 16

©Stefan Rouseau/PA Archive

Time to boost our soft-power arsenal Tristram Hunt argues that post-Brexit Britain must urgently find a winning story to tell the rest of the world 20 Cast off the shackles of victimhood Samir Shah fails to feel the supposed burden of Empire and rejoices in his CBE 22 The naked emperors of British academia Nigel Biggar lambasts zealous and blinkered campus thought police 24 The anthropology of the British litterbug Theodore Dalrymple despairs at Britain’s litter louts and detects a desire to make everything ugly 27 Honour our Hong Kong ties Tom Tugendhat says Britain must offer proper passports and full residency 29 Obama’s poisoned chalice James Kirchick argues that Trump’s disastrous foreign policy overshadows the awful mistakes of his predecessor 30 The king of unfairness Nina Khrushcheva says that Vladimir Putin is a second-rate dictator 32 Globalisation’s death star is a city called London Oliver Bullough on kleptocracy 33 The West slumbers as its enemies run amok Ross Babbage highlights Russia and China’s undeclared war 34

Civilisation Books A.N. Wilson on Is Europe Christian? by Olivier Roy; David Womersley on Useful Enemies: Islam and the Ottoman Empire in Western Political Thought, 1450-1750 by Noel Malcolm; Christopher Bray on Becoming Beauvoir: A Life by Kate Kirkpatrick; Clovis Meath Baker on Trinity: The Treachery and Pursuit of the Most Dangerous Spy in History by Frank Close; Jonathan Gaisman on Court Number One: The Old Bailey Trials that Defined Modern Britain by Thomas Grant; David Coleman on The Unsettling of Europe: The Great Migration, 1945 to the Present by Peter Gatrell 40 Film John Laurenson on the most popular French actor you’ve never heard of—and what he reveals about the French 50 Theatre Kirsty Lang finds stage fiction struggling to compete with real events at Westminster 51 Music Stephen Hough on the allure of musical scores 52 Chris Gunness on the faux-greenness of the classical music industry 53

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© Ger h ar

Art Cindy Polemis explores Gerhard Richter’s enduring love of mystery 54 Poetry by John Fuller 57 Drawing Board Emma Sergeant on portrait sitters’ secrets 58 Overrated / Underrated Ludwig Wittgenstein by Crispin Sartwell 60 Bernard Bolzano by Peter Simons 61 With Prejudice Maureen Lipman takes a phone call 62

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