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Publisher: Laurie D. Graham, Nadia Szilvassy, Michael Redhill, Linda Spalding, Jill and Mac Jamieson Editors: Linda Spalding, Michael Helm, Rebecca Silver Slayter, Laurie D. Graham, Liz Johnston, Martha Sharpe, Dionne Brand, Michael Redhill, Michael Ondaatje, Esta Spalding, Stan Dragland, Jean McKay Managing Editor: Liz Johnston, Nadia Szilvassy, Rebecca Silver Slayter, Emily Holton, Vivien Leong, Michael Redhill Contributing Editors: Teju Cole, Robert Hass, Anne McLean, Tara Quinn, Madeleine Thien, Colm Tóibín, Eleanor Wachtel, Dionne Brand, Michael Redhill, Michael Ondaatje, Esta Spalding, Daphne Marlatt Guest Editors: Ray Ellenwood, Elizabeth Grove-White, Ron Graham Design: Mark Byk, stef lenk, Gordon Robertson, Rick/Simon, David McFadden, Homer J. Bumblebee, Mike Niederman Assistant Editor: Liz Johnston, Laurie D. Graham, Tara Quinn, stef lenk, Yohannes Edemariam, Rebecca Silver Slayter, Emmet Mellow, Esta Spalding Associate Editor: Linda Spalding Circulation Manager: Liz Johnston, Laurie D. Graham, Esta Spalding, Joanna Vasey, Daniel Mroz, Kristin Spalding Editorial Assistant: Faye Guenther, Soraya Hassim, Esta Spalding, Ken Ross Publicity: Liz Johnston, Lisa Cupolo Sales: Gill Deacon, Sean d’Andrade Readers: Evan J. Hoskins, Christine Tran, Jacob Bermel, Phillip Dwight Morgan, Sophie Narod, Hajer Mirwali, Khalida Hassan, Guy Sewell, Shaun Pett, Kristen M. Scott, Anna Gallagher-Ross, Allison LaSorda, Danica Fogarty, Dave Robson, Kait Fowlie, Amy Stupavsky, Lara Daniel, Amy Borkwood, Margarita Osipian, Stephen J. Ross, Ellen Ewart, stef lenk, Jane Han, Saori Kuraishi, Micah Toub Apologist Emeritus: Cecily Moös, Cecily Möos, Cecily Môos, etc. Original Design: Gordon Robertson, Rick/Simon Logos: David Bolduc Copy Editor: Heather Sangster, Vivien Leong, Andrea Douglas, Jennifer Raltson, Wendy Thomas, Dyanne Rivers, Lesley Mann, Lorrayne Anthony Website Design: Mark Byk with Matthew McKinnon, Mike Stringer, Jason Shim & Co., Bitwalla Design Founders: Stan Dragland & Jean McKay

© brick, a literary journal, issue 100, winter 2018 all rights reserved issn 0382-8565, isbn 978-1-928166-07-8 Publications Mail Agreement No. 40042720 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to brick Box 609, Stn P Toronto, Ontario m5s 2y4 Canada We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

brick accepts unsolicited manuscripts of non-fiction only. Please submit through Submittable or mail submissions to brick Box 609, Stn P Toronto, Ontario m5s 2y4 Canada Subscribe online! From time to time we make our subscriber list available to similarminded magazines or arts organizations. To be excluded from these mailings, please email us at or Write to us. brick is published twice yearly by Cypress Avenue Inc. and is printed and bound in Canada by the Prolific Group. Distributed in Canada by Magazines Canada, in the United States by Ingram Periodicals and Ubiquity Distributors, and overseas by Central Books.

Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and with nothing to be so little reached as with criticism. Only love can grasp and hold and fairly judge them.

—­ Rainer Maria Rilke

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